An Unexpected Chill in Brussels

I have heard wonderful things about Brussels: it’s a nice modern city, easy to get around in and beautiful in the summer. From London, you arrive in just a few hours on the Eurostar. No

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All you need to know about Londoners

London is the premier international city. You can walk down Oxford Street and easily hear 10 languages in 10 steps, because people come from everywhere and anywhere. (I used to think New York was the

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Culture, Diversity & Mikela Thomas

Welcome to the first episode of the People Helping People Podcast, where we’re going to talk to people involved in social change, developing cultural ties, and cool projects that are making a difference. For this first

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Belize & Communal Eating

Staying at the Thatch Caye resort in Belize was my first experience with communal eating. The meals are fun — with such a small group (there were about 12 of us), and no menu choice

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Moroccan Market

Moroccan Social Entrepreneurship

One of the first observations when traveling through the Moroccan countryside is the lack of billboards and advertisements.  A US highway has so many signs, billboards and noise constantly grabbing for your attention that you

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Moroccan Desert

Silence in the Moroccan Desert

Our trip had a false start: my wife’s visa was incorrectly stamped to begin only on the second day of our trip, so the airport sent us home for a day, instantly squeezing our 5

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Exchange Student in Germany

Bremen & Boredom

Bremen is not a boring city. It may be small, but it has a huge soul, complete with a gothic town hall in a pedestrian zone buzzing with life and delicious German bakeries.  They’ve been

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Wales: UNA Exchange & Connecting Cultures

The UNA Exchange started as an international volunteering movement after the First World War. This transpired when the Swiss pacifist, Pierre Ceresole, sought to bring young people together from France and Germany to volunteer in the

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