Social Impact Starter Kit

On October 29, 2022 we’re excited to announce our first-ever Kickstarter project: The Social Impact Starter Kit. It’s a custom deck of 67 cards with ideas, tools, tips, and concepts to help you find a great social enterprise idea that you can launch and build to make an impact in your community. The best part of all: on the back of each card is an example of an organization, along with its mission and how they’re creating an impact in the world.

We believe that sharing others’ success and a variety of ideas expands your view of what’s possible for creating social change. The organizations on the cards are phenomenal examples of social enterprises, big and small, creating social change, and approaching business in new and innovative ways.

This card deck is from years of experience talking to social enterprises, learning what makes them tick, and what are some of the key tools that other individuals like yourself can tap into to come up with a really good idea. You’ll still need to test and prototype and get feedback on that idea, but if you can start from a more informed place, then it will save you a lot of time and you’ll be more likely to succeed.

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