Black Lives Matter

I’ve tried writing this a few times, only to realize that race is difficult to write about because of my own limitations in understanding what others experience.  Racial inequality affects so many of the social

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Fair Chance Employment

2019 Aspire Social Entrepreneur Awards On Wednesday, September 18th, I attended Aspire – the 7th annual social entrepreneurship awards for central Ohio.  We were honored that Wild Tiger Tees was nominated and picked as a

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Kiva in Columbus & Lily Vail

I recently met Lily Vail, the Program Lead for Kiva in Columbus, Ohio. I’ve known Kiva for years as the icon for social lending abroad, making loans accessible for businesses and projects that were outside

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Moroccan Social Entrepreneurship

One of the first observations when traveling through the Moroccan countryside is the lack of billboards and advertisements.  A US highway has so many signs, billboards and noise constantly grabbing for your attention that you

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