Ione Butler & Uplifting Content

For episode 19, we spoke with Ione Butler of Uplifting Content, and like the name, uplifting content is all about creating uplifting content… because the world needs more of it. (Personally, I couldn’t agree more.

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Volunteering abroad with Samaritans

I volunteered with the Samaritans for 5 years during my time as an expat in London at the Central London branch.  They are a wonderful organization that exists to reduce suicide by offering emotional support

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Wales: Plastic Bags for Children

Part of the reason I started this blog was because I got tired of the news (especially with this current election cycle), and I wanted to discover inspiring projects from around the world.  In scouring the Welsh

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Wales: Welsh Pies

In searching for cool causes in Wales, we discovered Peter’s Pies, a staple pie baker from Caerphilly, just outside Cardiff.  They have a strong social aspect to their business helping schools and the local community.

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Seva Café Grasse

The Seva Café in Grasse, France serves a cuisine based on love and sharing. But this French cuisine has its roots in Berkeley, where it started as the Karma Kitchen.  Karma Kitchen first opened in

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Tête en l’air

Where you live makes such a difference. The environment where you live feeds your vitality hence, a worn down cramped and dirty place drains you energy almost as quickly as you can find it. And

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Singa and Refugees in France

2015 was a year of Syrian refugees. There was so much news about whether to let people in, or to keep them out, but little word came about from the organizations that actually supported them.

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Les Restos du Coeur

No one says Bon Appétit better than the French. I love this story about the French comedian Coluche having a little idea of finding sponsors to open a free soup kitchen in Paris in 1985.

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