Welcome to People Helping People

My name is Adam Morris, and I am a social impact coach here to inspire greater social change in the world – through this platform to find and share new ideas that help you make a difference through our podcast, blog and newsletter.

What fills YOU up?

I am a social impact coach; one who establishes the space for you to create effective change and connect with that deeper sense of fulfillment.

Some are blessed knowing their deeper passion and how to get there. My path has been… much longer.

My meandering path

With a Masters of Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University, and a moment building medical robots, I had a brief stint as a certified massage therapist, before my MBA from the London Business School let to a career in finance IT… and then since 2009 to my current position as CTO for Asset Strategies Group, where I manage a cloud technology platform for retail real estate.

My personal journey has had even more twists and turns. For over 15 years, I’ve been involved with the course, Creativity & Personal Mastery, offered by the Rao Institute, to guide you on a journey of profound wellbeing and fulfillment. My personal practice with Vipassana Meditation, and five years volunteering with the Samaritans, (a suicide crisis line in the UK), has developed my passion for deep listening & understanding.

In 2017, I started People Helping People; this podcast to inspire greater social change in the business world, and to give you ideas on how to take action. This led to co-founding Wild Tiger Tees – a social enterprise work program for youth experiencing homelessness. I’ve slowly uncovered my deep love for social change through social entrepreneurship, and the infinite potential for connecting with people to create change in the world.

There is an easier way…

As your social impact coach, we work together to unlock your own potential and discover that deeper path from within you. It is a co-creative process to guide you to live your purpose more effectively. Change happens through the bonds we build when we take time to listen and understand each other. Together the possibilities for the life we create is limitless and deeply rewarding.

To learn more, drop me a note – I’d love to connect with you and hear your own story!

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