About Us

Social good is a broad topic achieved by multiple solutions benefiting society and the planet. We encourage impact-conscious entrepreneurs to build a personal meaning of bringing social good to reality.

People Helping People exists as a platform to inspire greater social change in the world. We produce content and programs to develop new connections and grow social enterprises throughout society. You might know us best from the People Helping People podcast. We are a meeting place for social entrepreneurs who want to build a social impact business and increase their sustainability footprint.

Social Impact

We advocate for social impact to be an automatic factor in emerging business models. We also believe it’s not too late for established businesses to add a social impact component to their operations. Any field or trade can incorporate a level of social good.

Sustainability Footprint

We constantly wonder how businesses can increase their sustainability footprint. We are driven to proactively find opportunities to increase sustainable efforts. A way to reduce environmental impact is to focus on increasing what we do to maintain and benefit the environment.

“What can a business replace or redesign in order to reduce their environmental impact?”

Adam Morris

Our Story

Our journey started as a podcast in 2017 sharing new possibilities with budding social entrepreneurs. We later expanded our social change in 2018 when we launched Wild Tiger Tees, a t-shirt screen printing work program for youth experiencing homelessness in Columbus, Ohio.

Our social change evolves as we iterate. We realized the critical importance of bringing environmental sustainability into our practices at Wild Tiger Tees. As a social enterprise, we are shifting our operations to ensure we’re positively impacting not just our communities, but the health and well-being of our planet.

Our commitment to social impact and sustainability guides our conversations at People Helping People. We are excited to share what we learn as we iterate, discuss, and discover. We invite you, an impact-conscious entrepreneur, to build your solution for bringing social good in the world. Alongside each other, we’ll learn much more and go much further.


We are the ones cheering for you to bring positive social change in your own way.

Adam Morris
Adam Morris, Founder & Host

Adam Morris is the founder and host of People Helping People. He launched the podcast in 2017 with the vision to learn and share what is possible through social entrepreneurship, as well as to give individuals the tools to successfully start their own impact ventures. He is passionate about connecting people and creating a world that will thrive for generations.

Shalon, Impact Communications Partner

Shalon is fascinated with sharing good news and emphasizing information empowerment. Following her interest in social impact, she connects social good and narrative at People Helping People as the Impact Communications Partner.

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Amyl De Gala, International Programming Partner

Amyl De Gala is the International Programming Partner of People Helping People primarily focused on expanding its operations in Asia. Realizing how businesses and organizations would be the primary driver in creating social change, her personal goal is to spread awareness on how companies can innovate their business model to become more sustainable and socially impactful.

Tijana, Community Director

Tijana is a psychologist with a curiosity for many topics, which led her to People Helping People. As the creative voice of People Helping People, she makes sure that everything that’s happening within the business is out there visible on our social media platforms.

Avegay Cabel, Creative Director

Avegay Cabel is the Creative Director for People Helping People, focused on developing special projects and educational material to share information about social enterprises. Ave manages the art and design work for Wild Tiger Tees, and creates designs to support social change. She also loves to play video games.