Nonprofit Expert Leah Kral Shares Insight on Innovation for Social Change

April 18, 2024 | | 0 Comments

Leah Kral

How can your nonprofit embrace design thinking and experimentation to maximize your impact?

Leah Kral, shares insights from her book, “Innovation for Social Change: How Wildly Successful Nonprofits Inspire and Deliver Results”. She shares how she turned 20 years worth of PowerPoints from workshops and convert them into book form. She discusses strategies nonprofits can implement to become more innovative and achieve their goals. Leah covered topics such as design thinking, workplace culture, nonprofit theory of change, and experimentation. Leah shares inspiring examples of nonprofits embracing innovation at all levels, from Alcoholics Anonymous discovering their 12-step model through trial-and-error to Mayo Clinic training staff to empower patient-first solutions.

Episode in a glance

– The Genesis of Leah’s book ‘Innovation for Social Change’
– Challenges and Barriers to Innovation in Nonprofits
– Embracing Design Thinking for Nonprofit Innovation
– Organizational Design for Fostering Innovation
– Personal Innovation and Persuasion in Nonprofits
– Theory of Change in Nonprofits Explained
– The Power of Experimentation and Learning from Failure

About Leah Kral

Leah Kral is the senior director of strategy and innovation at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. She provides tailored workshops and consulting to internal teams and to a network of nonprofit partners across the United States. For decades, she has been helping teams to break out of the busy daily routine and draw out their best creative thinking. She helps teams to design pilots, program strategies and meaningful evaluation approaches, leading to better outcomes and more compelling stories for supporters. She is the author of “Innovation for Social Change: How Wildly Successful Nonprofits Inspire and Deliver Results”

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