Tara Barauskas On Building Success in Affordable Housing at Community Corp of Santa Monica

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Community Corp of Santa Monica

In a world where the gap between the affluent and the less fortunate widens, the mission of Tara Barauskas and the Community Corporation of Santa Monica (Community Corp) shines as a beacon of hope and a model for transformative social change. This podcast delves into the essence of their work, not just through the lens of affordable housing development but as a holistic approach to fostering community resilience, environmental sustainability, and social equity.

In 1982, amidst the escalating crisis of gentrification in Santa Monica, a coastal jewel within the vast mosaic of Los Angeles County, visionary community leaders launched Community Corp. Their foresight was not merely to stem the tide of displacement but to nurture a model of living that transcends the mere provision of a roof over one’s head. Fast forward to the present, and their legacy has flourished into over 2,000 affordable homes, a testament to their enduring commitment to the community’s heart and soul.

At the core of Community Corp’s philosophy lies a profound understanding that true community development requires more than just physical structures; it demands the cultivation of an environment where diverse socioeconomic backgrounds coalesce into a vibrant tapestry of cultural richness and mutual respect. This ethos is embodied in their rigorous approach to not only constructing affordable housing but also in their dedication to environmental stewardship and community engagement.

The intricate journey from identifying potential sites to navigating the labyrinth of funding sources illustrates the complex yet rewarding nature of creating affordable housing in one of the nation’s most expensive regions. Community Corp’s commitment to environmental sustainability is not just a nod to contemporary green building practices but a deep-seated belief in the necessity of harmonizing human habitation with the planet’s ecological balance.

The societal impact of Community Corp’s work extends far beyond the physical boundaries of their properties. By strategically situating affordable housing within affluent neighborhoods, they challenge and gradually dismantle the invisible barriers of socioeconomic segregation. This endeavor not only enriches the cultural fabric of communities but also lays the groundwork for a future where access to quality education, healthful living environments, and economic opportunities is not a privilege but a universal right.

Moreover, the array of community programs and services offered by Community Corp underscores their holistic vision of housing as a catalyst for personal and communal transformation. From afterschool tutoring and enrichment programs to community gardens and cultural festivals, these initiatives are not mere amenities but essential components of a strategy aimed at empowering residents to forge paths out of poverty towards self-sufficiency and prosperity.

The story of Tara Barauskas shares about her work at Community Corp serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative potential inherent in viewing housing not merely as a commodity but as a cornerstone of community wellbeing. Their work challenges us to reimagine our approach to urban development, one where inclusivity, sustainability, and compassion form the foundation of a society that truly uplifts all its members.

In an era marked by stark inequalities, the story of Community Corp offers a hopeful glimpse into the possibilities of a more equitable and interconnected world. It is a call to action for communities everywhere to embrace the principles of social equity, environmental responsibility, and collective wellbeing as the guiding stars in the quest for a more just and sustainable future.

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