Failed Your New Year’s Resolution? Simply Refresh Your New Year in March


New Years Resolution

We all love an opportunity to start over when we’re determined to make a change in our life. Perhaps everyone is fond of the idea that we can decide our own future. Perhaps everyone enjoys the thrill of feeling like a new person. No matter their reason, people seek special moments as a reason to start over, such as the New Year.

The New Year is right around the corner as this year comes to a close. Like many other years, people are setting up to choose a New Year’s Resolution. Similarly, people may have second thoughts about their resolution in a month or two. Second thoughts are normal, and you can always choose to refresh your New Year in March.

Making Your New Year’s Resolution

First, let’s talk about making your New Year’s Resolution.

You can find a resolution for the New Year by reflecting on the past year and setting new intentions. Reflecting on the past year allows you to see patterns that showed up in your life. You get to choose if you like these patterns or if you want to leave them behind as you move forward. That’s where intentions come in!

Your intentions are a conscious effort to follow a promise to yourself. You set your mind on an experience you want to have and how you imagine feeling from it. This allows you to feel the commitment to your intention more deeply.

If you need a place to start, here are three questions you can ask yourself:

1. When did I feel most like myself this past year?

2. What moments made me question who I was being this past year?

3. What do I imagine myself doing next year?

Refresh Your New Year in March

Let’s say you set your New Year’s Resolution using the previous section. You start the new year off great, and then you start to fall behind around the 2nd week of February. Now what?

It’s okay. You’re human and every journey has twists and turns. You can start over… or more like “refresh” your New Year’s Resolution. You’d do this during March.

Society does a version of this already as there is Spring Cleaning done around March. What’s important is that there is this natural idea and flow of a “refresh” once the first quarter of the year ends.

When you refresh your New Year, you get to take a quick look at how things went so far and make a new choice. You can switch your resolution or decide on a new intention.

For example, maybe you want to get in shape and decide to go to the gym three times per week. By March, you realized you find the gym boring and want to do an activity instead. You switch your resolution to take boxing classes as a way to get fit.

In another example, maybe you decided to take  public speaking classes so you can practice presenting. By March, you realized you only wanted to practice presenting to get better at giving instructions. You decide to make your presentation style more interactive so you can practice the specific skill you actually care about.

If you need a refresh, here are four questions you can ask yourself:

1. What have I noticed about my efforts so far?

2. What do I like or dislike about the past few weeks?

3. Did I learn anything new about myself?

4. What would I like to see change in my resolution?

Why A Refresh Keeps You On Track

You can use a resolution refresh in March to stay on track with your goals. A refresh keeps you on track since it’s a bit like a reset button, but you get to keep all the insight you want to keep. Doing a refresh also stops you from completely quitting your resolution. You have a chance to encourage yourself to continue going after what will help bring you closer to your intentions and goals.

When you decide on a New Year’s Resolution this year, allow yourself to choose whatever is comfortable for you at this time. You can stretch your imagination and aim high. You can start small and gradually work towards your goal. Still, whichever one you choose, you can switch things up in March to whatever feels aligned at that time.

Whether the resolution is personal or professional, fitness related or social impact related, you can relax knowing you don’t have to feel tied down by your original aim. Give yourself grace to refresh in March and continue your journey.

New Years Resolution
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