Going to a Holiday Party? Bring out these 9 Social Impact Apps to Share Social Good


Social Good Apps

The holidays are coming up, so you know what that means… spending time meeting people. Whether it’s a family gathering, team holiday party, or a link up with friends, there will be plenty of opportunities where you connect with your community. Events and gatherings are one of the best times to share what’s going on in the social impact world. Of course, you want to do it in a way the matches the festive energy of the holiday season.

Gifts, games, and groups are especially popular during holidays, so why not share social impact apps at holiday parties. Apps allow people to interact with online communities and gamified experiences instead of learning straight facts. The best part is that some social good apps turn Impact into a group activity where you can showcase your efforts to your friends, join challenges, or create group giving.

Below is a list of apps that could fuel curiosity for social good. Get you family, friends, and team on board with these social impact apps!

1. Ailuna

“Ailuna is a sustainability engagement app which makes it fun to develop habits that are good for you and the planet.”

Ailuna takes a gamified social media approach to create custom sustainability actions and programs. You choose a sustainable action you want to challenge yourself for one day or for a week and track your commitments with check-ins. Ailuna offers different categories to work on such as plastic pollution, green energy, digital clutter, and more. As you build habits and complete challenges, you earn badges.

2. Roar Social

“Roar Social takes everything you love about social media and transforms it into a powerful engine for social impact.”

Roar Social is a hub for creators, nonprofits and brands to collectively build a delightful and immersive ecosystem. Together, they’re getting everybody to change the world, one tap at a time. You can join in on Gamified Giving and acts of generosity that are fun, effortless, and meaningful. In this community, you can give, whether you only have a few cents, your time, or your attention, you can make a difference.

3. Makua

“We’re on a mission to make giving a core part of everyone’s life.”

Makua encourages you to engage social impact and gives you the updates of what that impact ripples into. Being connected with a network of socially conscious peers helps drive action, both collectively and individually. You get to join Nonprofit communities on the app, learn ways to help outside of donations, and share with friends.

4. Glow

“Pool your money together with friends in a giving circle and then vote on which projects to fund each month.”

Glow introduces you to “Collective Impact You Can Rally Around.” You can make generosity fun, exciting and engaging by turning social impact into a team sport. Circles come from friends, families, schools, business, influencers, and brands. People or initiatives start a verified Giving Circle that supports causes/projects to invite people to champion social good.


“We believe that every individual has the power to  CHANGE the world.”

WISHLY is a digital community focused exclusively on making the world a better place by making philanthropy available to all. You get to curate collections of your favorite charities with one click. People can contribute to social impact with as little as $1 to give or one hour to volunteer. You can also inspire impact in others with media posts, Match campaigns, and sharing the updates on how your impact changes lives.

6. The Rem App

“Our vision is to make rem the go-to place for making a difference in the world, whether that be through making a donation or raising awareness about things that matter to you personally…”

Rem turns your engagement on the app into donations through what they call “units of impact. Likes and comments have 1 unit of impact each, while posts have 5 units of impact each. You can also make direct donations to charities Rem suggests to you based on your interests. The app is built to “help you make the world a better place.”

7. Impact Local

“An easy to use mobile app designed to help you research and donate to charities that are making our world a better place.”

Not sure where to donate? Impact Local lets you access data on social impact initiatives in your community by using maps and location-based curation. Impact Local also keeps track of your donation history in the app to help with tax season. Start donating individually or in a team to your neighborhood’s social impact community. You’ll find charities you didn’t know existed!

8. Tiramisu

“Tiramisu is a social network built around kindness and wellbeing, where you can meet new friends, organize activities with your clubs and communities, and volunteer with verified nonprofits.”

Tiramisu has volunteer opportunities, and goes beyond that as a network of peers that give to each other. You can find help, swap skills and support your peers online or locally to experience the joy of helping someone out. If you do want group interactions, Tiramisu clubs help you exchange and organize activities with others on the platform.

9. Earth Hero

“Take action for people & planet with Earth Hero.”

Earth Hero is the place for Climate Activists to achieve climate actions. You get to learn how to improve your impact and track your progress. Earth Hero’s app is filled with scientifically grounded tools and ideas to empower all who want to reduce emissions, improve lives, and care for our shared planet. Stack up your Earth Points and see how much you can reduce emissions around the world.

Social Good Apps
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