10 Social Good Corporate Gifts to Appreciate Your Clients, Employees, Partners, and Donors


Social Good Corporate Gifts

Everyone loves to feel appreciated. Even companies recognized this, which is why teams do corporate gifting. The gifts can be to employees, customers, or partners. Companies send them to anyone they want to show extra appreciation towards.

With that said, someone who’s a social entrepreneur might think of how much consumption, waste, and carbon that’s put into the world in the process. That’s an understandable thought. You don’t have to hold onto that thought since there are fellow social entrepreneurs handling sustainable corporate gifting!

Sustainable corporate gifting allows companies to send themed, customized, or personalized gifts physically or virtually. More importantly, many of these gifting programs source items from social enterprises supporting communities and critical causes. This means you’re multiplying your impact in a ripple effect.

If you want to send a special gift from your company with a sustainable and social impact flair, check these options out:

1. Gifts for Good

Gifts for Good is the epitome of sending premium gifts that give back to a cause. They offer your company a way to “reward employees and clients with meaningful custom gift boxes, branded merchandise, eGifts, and charitable donation experiences.” Gift for Good also has an all-in-one enterprise gifting platform, called GIFTforward®, that allows employees and clients to pick their favorite gift from a collection of gift choices, or donate the value to a cause of their choice. Gift for Good is Climate Neutral, BCorp, and Women Owned as they continue to grow their impact.

2. Packed with Purpose

Packed with Purpose brings you exceptional gifts with social impact attached. These gift sets focus on snacks boxes that can have custom branding or personalization. Each set also comes with an artful Impact Booklet sharing the inspiring stories of the impact created by the gift items. A few examples given by Packed with Purpose: “Granola creates jobs for women survivors of abuse. Woodbound notebooks fuel a global reforestation movement. Chocolates open doors to those with barriers to employment.”

3. Vellabox

Vellabox helps companies with corporate gifting on top of originally being a monthly candle subscription. The gift boxes usually have natural candles by the featured artisan of the month, reusable packaging from a monthly theme, and a curated playlist to listen to enhance a relaxing candle-lit setting. Every candle featured in Vellabox is made by artisans specifically in the USA, using natural ingredients with clean-burning guaranteed.

4. Loop and Tie

Loop and Tie empowers gift givers to “Deliver intentional, choice-based gift experiences in just three steps.” The approach of choice-based gifting allows your recipient to select their preferred gift from a curated collection. If using Loop and Tie, you’ll be engaging with gifts that support small businesses and local economies, options for charitable donation, sustainable packaging, and net-positive-carbon deliveries. Whether the gifts are for teammates or customers, you can proudly infuse social and environmental impact into this personalized digital experience.

5. Social Stories Club

Social Stories Club curates unforgettable corporate gifts for clients that boost social impact. The UK-based company ships internationally and makes the world a better place through their boxes and hampers (an enclosed basket with a buckle on the front). Currently, Social Stories Club partners with over 30 social enterprises from the UK that involve food, drink, beauty, and lifestyle products. The sustainable packages come with social impact details in a Social Stories Club booklet “so the recipient can read how their tea is educating girls and how their chocolate bar is supporting reforestation projects.”

6. Vegancuts

Vegancuts is your go-to corporate gifting program for 100% all vegan and cruelty free products. They offer snack-focused and beauty-focused boxes. All snacks are what the curators deemed the tastiest plant-based snacks and drinks, while all beauty items are clean, cruelty free, and gender neutral products to uplift and nourish. You get to pamper your team or clients with sustainable items that are good for them as well. Also, in a very fitting manner, every box donates to an Animal Sanctuary.

7. Merchery

Merchery gives an extra shine and finish for your Sustainable custom corporate gifts. You can do custom boxes and create your own merch. In fact, Merchery lets you build your own merch store and create vouchers for employees and clients to choose what they like and how they’d like to receive it. The Belgium-based gifting program has an office in the US, supports 1% for Planet, and is a certified BCorp.

8. Make Nice Company

Make Nice Company offers a very specific gift with their zero-waste corporate gift kitchen and cleaning sets. Based in Canada with tons of beautiful nature, they believe in “Cleaner dishes for a cleaner earth.” Gifts boxes come with combos of dish soaps and zero waste accessories like brushes and sponge cloths. All items in their catalog are vegan, 100% natural, handmade, and cruelty free. Teaming up with Make Nice Company means you also actively fight against plastic, as they have a goal to divert +1M plastic bottles from our oceans and landfills by 2030 (they already accomplished 57,400+ plastic bottles diverted).

9. Ethical Swag

In their own words, Ethical Swag is “THE SMART, MODERN, & SUSTAINABLE WAY TO DO SWAG.” You can put together a bulk swag order or do swag packs to give directly to employees and clients. Based in Canada, Ethical Swag knows it can be difficult to find trusted and seamless sustainable gift options, so they curated gifts that best reflect your brand values. Their team can handle graphic design and inventory management if you want to explore merch and gifts long term. On top of being resourceful, Ethical Swag is a BCorp and also part of a ton of other cool initiatives listed at the bottom of this page.

10. EarthHero

EarthHero is a virtual company offering sustainable choices for every type of consumer, making sustainable shopping approachable and easy for everyone. They help with large and small gift giving, whether gift boxes, gift cards, or brand merch. The team strives for you to have access to sustain me gift bundles while engaging impact through 1% for the Planet, BCorp, and Climate Neutral. In their own words: “Sustainability should not be accessible only to those with resources, but about making resources available to all.”

Social Good Corporate Gifts
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