The Ultimate List of Creative Marketing Agencies Specifically for Social Impact


How do you tell your impact story? When you need to share the impact you create or educate about a concern, you need a plan in place. Luckily, there are agencies who give their complete focus to telling your social impact story.

Below is a list of creative marketing agencies amplifying and measuring social impact. This is the Ultimate List, but it’s good to also know that more agencies are popping up by the day. These are a few of the teams we are highlighting.

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A full-service social impact agency that works with nonprofits, government and public agencies, universities, and cause marketers. They consider themselves a “cause market agency.”

Services are in the following categories: Strategy; Creative; Web Development, Marketing & Communications; Paid and Donated Media; and  Analytics and Reporting. Each category has a list of specific services they offer, ranging from market research to video production. You can see some of their campaigns on their Work page.

Whole Whale

An agency filled with impact-conscious individuals who increase impact through data and technology. They help nonprofits and social impact companies make the most of their website, content, and analytics to amplify social impact. This agency is also a certified B Corp.

Services are in the following categories: Digital Impact & Web Analytics, Google Ad Grant Management, SEO & Content Marketing, Conversion Optimization & A/B Testing, Custom Data Analysis, Paid Ad Management, and much more. From project to project, they help with services involving websites, analytics, digital content, advertising, social media, and email. You can stay up to date on their latest projects through Twitter.


A social change agency that supports nonprofits, foundations, advocates, and brands who champion today’s important progressive issues. They come together to “combine tactical experience and creative ingenuity with a deep well of passion and energy.”

Services are in the following categories: Advertising, Creative, Digital, Strategy & Implementation, Media Relations, Thought Leadership, and more. Their services help guide partners through offers like Audience Analysis, Omni-Channel Digital Advertising Campaigns, and Speaking Opportunities. Most of their project highlights can be found on their Work page.


A team of creatives, strategists, and technologists that build brand experiences to help create a more just and equitable world. They consider themselves as a “creative team aligned by purpose.”

Services are in the following categories: Strategy, Branding, Messaging, Digital, Content, and Campaigns. Within these categories, the services range from Design Systems to Analytics & Engagement Consulting. You can grab a peek of their projects on their Work page.


A social impact agency creating an open, just, and habitable world through collaborations with nonprofits, philanthropies, and companies. They team up to “harness participation for meaningful social impact.”

Services are in the following categories: Campaigns, Purposeful Brands, Content, Web Design & Development, Participation Strategy, New Power Transformation. Not only will they help clients identify goals, issues, and audiences, they will produce interactive experiences for engagement. You’ll find project highlights on their Work page.


A global creative agency pushing all their focus towards social impact. They use their strategy and design skills for advertising, marketing, and communications.

Services are in the following categories: Organization Building, Advocacy & Engagement, and Behavior Change. With a lease of “substance + storytelling”, they can offer immersive research, public relations, and more. They host a set of work on their Portfolio page.


An award-winning, multi-disciplinary, full-service agency boosting social impact and profits. They believe conscious companies can make good money under “Constructive Capitalism”, which keeps the triple bottom line (people, planet, and profit) in mind. Oberland is also a certified B Corp.

Services are in the following categories: Strategy and Storytelling. However, each category is filled with specific offers, such as Database Marketing, Sponsorship, Media Planning, Brand Identity, Advertising, and Websites. You can view a selection of their campaigns in their Case Studies  page.


A creative agency that helps purpose-driven teams with their brand identity, websites, digital products, and interactive campaigns. They take on “projects that inspire people to take meaningful actions.”

Services are in the following categories: Branding, Websites, and Campaigns. Their offers cover services such as research, strategy, design, content, implementation, and marketing. You can explore their portfolio on their Work page, which can be filtered by category.

Entertain Impact

A social impact agency that highlights the impact-driven conversations, builds coalitions, and uplifts collective good. They describe their clients as non-profits, foundations, NGOs, organized movements, philanthropists, and purpose-driven businesses.

Services are in the following categories: Strategy & Planning and Operation & Execution. In these categories, you’ll get Public Influencer Research, Campaign Positioning, Project Management, Fundraising, and more. You can get a better understanding of their approach by checking out their Work page.


An agency partner working with purpose-led businesses, nonprofits, and government initiatives that take a stand for sustainability and social impact. In their minds, they “get up every day to build and grow world-changing brands.”

Services are in the following categories: Concept to Ecommerce, Brand Strategy & Development, Packaging Design, Ecommerce Strategy & Development, Website Design & Development, and Marketing Campaigns & Content. The unique categories offer Messaging, UX, Integrations, and Video & Photo Production. Catch a glimpse of their best work on their Work page.

Extra! Extra! Read All About Impact!

Since this isn’t exactly a “traditional” creative marketing agency it’s not included in the list above. However, this is the first time many of us may be seeing a company tackle this angle on social impact. Add it to your list of future partners if you feel it’s a good fit!


Good-Loop creates purpose-led online ads. Businesses can evolve their ads to ethical advertising with multiple ways to connect Ad engagement to good. For example, clicking on an ad sparks a free donation to a charity or helps plant a tree. It is also nice to note that Good-Loop is a certified B Corp.

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