Triple-Bottom-Line Newsletters: Where to get Sustainability News and Content


Sustainable Newsletters
Sustainable Newsletters

Do you ever want an easier way to keep up with sustainability? Maybe you want authentic content away from the noise? Newsletters can give you the current content of sustainability. Not only that, they can do it in a way that doesn’t take up unnecessary room in your inbox.

If you never tried a newsletter subscription, it’s like having a personal assistant drop of a briefing to you. Someone else scours the web for content and conversations, and gives you a concise version of the best information out there.

You get updates on clean sustainability that you can apply to your daily life. Other newsletters may connect you with sustainable shops and brands that offer quality products. Then, you have those that cater to work life and career if you hope to find professional tips.

It can be a great resource for people who don’t have as much time to search on their own. It’s also a useful place if you simply don’t know where to start. This list of sustainable newsletters give a few options for you, no matter if you want education, shopping suggestions, casual conversation, or career advice.

Let’s get started.

12 Newsletters that Highlight People, Planet, and Profit


GreenBiz is a media and events company focused on the slide towards a clean economy. They approach sustainability with climate change and social change in mind. The platform itself has a newsletter where you choose the content you receive. You’re basically signing up for which information you want most. Currently, GreenBiz offers the following themes:

  • Carbon
  • Circularity
  • ClimateTech
  • Energy
  • Food
  • GreenBuzz
  • GreenFin
  • Transport

Sustainability Pulse

Sustainability Pulse mainly caters to sustainable fashion, but also takes a look at technology, economy, and social entrepreneurship. Every newsletter contains a curation of links to blog posts, YouTube series, and news that speaks to the landscape of culture and sustainability. Themes touch on big names like Adidas and H&M, all the way to newer sustainable fashion startups (or sustainable fashion advocates).


Volts is “a newsletter & podcast about the technology, politics, and policy of decarbonization.” This collection of content is more info-heavy (which can still be exciting) as the writer/ host explores sustainability policies and advancements. The newsletter connects to the podcast where host David Roberts interviews global professionals about their work.

The Good Trade

The Good Trade is a lifestyle media brand who picks retailers and eco-friendly daily life tips to highlight in their newsletter. Most of the content is directed at your consumer-brain. Suggestions for clothes, furniture, elixirs, and other products make the range of the newsletter worth reading. You’ll also get things like opinion pieces and podcast recommendations for sustainability, slow living, and self-care.


Grist is a media platform covering topics like Politics, Energy, Equity, Culture, and how these themes intersect with climate. There are technically two different newsletters. One is The Daily, which pops in your inbox to tell you the daily round up of Girst’s top stories. The other is The Beacon’, a quaint collection to give you your daily dose of good climate news.


Uprooted is “a sustainability newsletter rooted in deep ecology and decolonial thought-in-progress—sharing fresh takes, regenerative roundups, and ad-free recommendations.” The content gives a friendly-voice as the writer gives topics from their perspective, like a casual reflection. (note: This newsletter is written by Kamea Chayne who is also the host of the Green Dreamer podcast.)


Circulab is an agency and digital academy promoting a circular model for the world. Their newsletter focuses a lot on regeneration by covering circular economy news. They offer insights, updates on projects, and actionable tips towards a sustainable society. Content here is more geared towards your professional-side. The newsletter breaks down international sustainability news into brief sections from their home base in France.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is a charity promoting a circular economy. Their platform gives resources and examples about circular economy that everyone can dig into. Divided by major topics, you can choose what you read about circular economy. The newsletter has themes like design, finance, climate change, and circularity measurement (impact measurement).

Social Good Blueprint

Social Good Blueprint tracks a recap of social entrepreneurs building their social impact solutions. Adam Morris, who is also the host of People Helping People podcast, writes insights on what helps early social entrepreneurs gain momentum. The content focuses on actionable takeaways from Adam’s social impact ventures and his conversations with peers, inviting readers to learn from the journey.

Grow Ensemble

Grow Ensemble is a media platform that hopes to make sustainability and purposeful business the norm for everyday life. The newsletter gathers resources, articles, and thoughts about environment and social impact. Each newsletter covers the findings of Cory Ames, the founder of Grow Ensemble and host of The Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast.

Rank & File

Rank & File is a magazine for purpose-driven entrepreneurs. Their newsletter is based on the value that “everyone deserves to do work that matters to them, and to the world.” Get ready to read business advice, career advice, and personal anecdotes from social impact professionals.

SOCAP Global

SOCAP Global is a thought leadership platform focused on sustainable economy. The newsletter is on a mission to reach everyone who’s interested in sustainability (such as social entrepreneurs, investors, foundation and nonprofit leaders, government and policy leaders, creators, corporations, academics… everyone). Content here explores resources for the intersection of money and meaning.

Sustainable Newsletters
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