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Last Object

Single-use waste is everywhere; especially with the ongoing pandemic where we have been forced to using single-use waste – face masks, at times, disposable utensils.

It was the same frustration that has been baffling Isabel Aagard, Co-Founder & Designer of the LastObject. This particular concern on single-use waste had made her redesign everyday items into something that is more lasting and reusable. LastObject evaluates simple household items and creates innovative alternatives.

Her First Ventures

Growing up in a family of design entrepreneurs – design has been a vital part of Isabel. Her family manages a business that both her brother and her have at some point been a part of – which have been one of the factors why starting LastObject has come naturally to Isabel.

Isabel earned her post-graduate degree at Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Architecture, Design, and Conservation in 2016 where she mastered in Collaborative Design. Prior to starting her business, she had been working for hospitals and have been doing designs, may it be bags for chemo patients or maternity wards.

One thing though that Isabel has been particularly fond of is creating designs that would help in waste reduction and sustainable solutions that would create an impact.

“Sustainability is a complex predicament. Designing something of quality and usefulness is my biggest goal. We are inspired to create one product that will replace thousands of its counterparts,” Isabel said in an interview.

The Start of LastObject

Having been frustrated with all the single-use wastes in her life, Isabel Aagard, along with two other partners, started the LastObject in 2018. Their mission is simple, create alternative choices for single-use items that would impact the industry responsible for creating unnecessary waste and pollution.

Operating in Copenhagen, Denmark, LastObject launched its first product through the LastSwab, an alternative for the common cotton buds.

The inspiration came when we started researching the most harmful ocean pollutants. Cotton swabs were surprisingly one of the most significant. In fact, 1.5 billion cotton swabs are produced daily only to be thrown out after one use.

Isabel Aagard, Co-Founder & Designer

During their research on ocean pollutants, she discovered that when swabs are flushed in toilet, they often get caught in infiltration, dumped into ocean, and would end up getting eaten by sea creatures. Thus, after research and numerous prototypes, they got to launch the first ever reusable cotton swabs in the world.

The idea appealed so much to consumers that through their crowdfunding in Kickstarter and Ideagogo, they were able to raise more than 1.3 million US Dollars through their campaigns. Isabel and her co-founder were beyond amazed on the success of their launch. This made her realize that people now are willing change a little of their habits for the planet, a step to a more sustainable world. 

The Last Objects

The team behind LastObject is continuously innovating their products to better help the environment. For a rundown of all of their products:
• LastSwab – With around 500 billion of single-use cotton swabs being used per year, the LastSwab would be the answer to that problem helping you replace up to 1,000 cotton swabs. Designed with sustainability, quality, and durability in mind, you can ensure that each product will stay for years. They’re easy to clean and travel-friendly, too. The LastSwab comes in regular, in their beauty design, and one for babies.
• LastRound – This awesome product is just like your disposable cotton rounds. What’s the difference? Well, they look the same, does the same, minus the negative effects with nature. Each kit contains a Danish designed case made specifically from ocean-bound plastics and 7 pieces of reusable cotton rounds. These rounds are made up of 70% wood fibers and 30% cotton fibers, making them backyard-compostable and helping you reduce up to 1,750 of disposable cotton rounds by getting a kit.
• LastTissue – As the team behind the LastObject describes them, the LastTissue would have been the offspring of your tissue pack and your handkerchief; a reusable and hygienic alternative to your everyday tissue. This soft-on-the-nose eco-friendly product can be washed up to 520 times. Each kit contains certified organic cotton and the famous Danish designed food-grade silicone cases. The LastTissue comes in regular pack and in box pack. Their regular pack already includes 6 sets of tissue packed conveniently when you’re on the go. Their box pack, on the other hand, contains 18 sets of tissues enclosed in a box, great for your home, car, or in the office.
• LastMask x Spray – And with the ongoing pandemic crisis, disposable face masks have been one of the top single-use waste for the past years. The LastMask aims to eradicate and lessen the single-use waster while still protecting you from Covid. Each set of the Last Mask x Spray already includes a three-layer facemasks following WHO guidelines, a refillable spray for your sanitizers, all conveniently packed in just 1 small food-grade silicone case.
The LastObject also has packages and kits perfect as gift for your loved ones. To date, they continue to prototype new items that can replace more household single-use items.
To connect with Isabel Aagard and the LastObject Team, you may follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or on their website.

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