Katherine Ann Byam of Dieple Helps Companies Transition to Sustainability

November 17, 2021 | Adam Morris | 0 Comments

Katherine Ann Byam brings people to think about sustainability, the after-effects connected to small choices, and reimagining capitalism. Katherine is the founder and CEO of Dieple, a data-driven consultancy firm that helps companies with their triple bottom line to thrive with purposeful, sustainable work. The initiative values creating the capacity for people to transition and come up with ideas. She is also the host of the podcast Where Ideas Launch, a podcast for sustainable innovators.  As an innovator herself, Katherine uses her work to actively participate in shifting the culture of entrepreneurial sustainability.

Companies benefit from Dieple’s ability to smoothly transition from stage to stage in their process. Katherine shares how they work with a company to structure the approach to making changes, how to reposition teams to look to the future, and how to start positioning the company to be more competitive later on. Important changes should be handled with care as society is shifting toward more sustainability. While speaking, Katherine mentions that there is definitely a pivot from consumers to looking at the values behind their brands before they purchase. Granted, it’s not every consumer, but she definitely sees it trending that way.

Katherine goes over the main aspects businesses should ask themselves about to align with better sustainability. She also calls for businesses and social entrepreneurs to rethink how the solutions and concerns are viewed. Solutions, such as renewable energy, are a hybrid of a solution and a concern as Katherine explains. Despite the energy being renewable, she points out that the materials or processes for the solutions are still usually based on fossil fuels. Katherine gives examples of work done for consents such as carbon and explains the benefits of a blended approach to implementing solutions that create a positive impact in more than one area.

Social entrepreneurs, and the public, are presented with the challenge to reimagine what capitalism could look like, but doing so can be difficult when many aren’t prepared to reimagine it. Katherine describes what being a little bit better could mean for businesses and consumers. Instead of changing everything at once, she focuses on the idea of smaller changes in the actions people are already doing. Building better actions require more mindfulness, and Katherine believes part of the process includes being mindful of the different layers of actions; almost the same as tracking a ripple or web of effects.

People, in general, are the ones who decide who’s going to represent our interests, which works best when we take responsibility for our future by making better choices. However, this often leads to decision fatigue. Thoughts of tracking all the layers of sustainability can be draining. Katherine talks through suggestions for addressing decision fatigue, measuring impact, and following current innovations for inspiration. Not everyone realizes the value of the change that’s needed in order for the planet to survive and thrive. Starting with individual curiosity, then sharing, allows for a natural influence to flow through society to those that resonate with the impact.

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