5 Mistakes Why Social Entrepreneurs Quit


Why Social Entrepreneurs Quit

A few months ago, I started baking bread, cakes, and cupcakes in my hometown. 

And I never believed I’d be able to do it because my high school instructor used to tell us that baking is difficult because you have to be meticulous and follow the directions and procedures precisely.

I thought baking is a profession that not everyone can do. I thought you needed to be an expert first before you make sales in baking.

And it was because of that thinking that I was unable to explore my baking creativity and abilities.

But not until the pandemic happened.

Though it was a very tragic event for everyone, it was the time that I discovered my creativity and passions.

And not just that. A lot of things in my life improved, mainly my mindset.

I don’t know about you, but when everyone was in quarantine, I used that time to learn new skills, start a business, hone my writing abilities, and rediscover my passion for food, which lead me to launch a small social impact business in Albay, Philippines.

I guess what I’m trying to convey is that we’ll never know when we’re going to find our true calling if we don’t act on it.

It could have been planted in your heart since you were a kid.

It could have happened on a mission trip when you witnessed the needs of the individuals you were assisting.

Or it could have been the skill or talent you’ve been avoiding for years because you think it’s not meant for you.

Passion isn’t the skill you have. It’s the burning desire you’ve had in your heart to start anything, and the time you do it, you get that terrific, unfathomable, over-the-moon feeling.

And when you align your passion with your purpose, it creates an impact – an impact that you and the people you want to serve are going to be changed.

But why do entrepreneurs stop? 

And why do aspiring entrepreneurs steer away from pursuing their passion?

In this post, I am sharing the 5 mistakes why entrepreneurs (aspiring and existing) quit.

1) You don’t know how and where to start

In 2017, I’ve already had the enthusiasm to start a business. I tried selling beauty and skincare products, but I failed. It’s not because I don’t like it, it’s because I didn’t know if I was doing it correctly. 

I did not know how to do marketing and sales. And back then, I was not a fan of researching, so I did not mind looking for resources online.

Also, I did not know where to get customers.

Because I felt I did not know anything, I stopped.

Based on my experience, the only reason why entrepreneurs fail is they stop.

You see, if I’ve researched and educated myself four years ago, I would have not given up.

I’m probably now making 6 figures, or even 7 figures through my skincare business and helped many Filipino women solve their skincare issues and teenagers in the rural areas have access to sustainable skincare products by giving them out for free for them.

If you’re aspiring to be an entrepreneur or just starting out, start researching. 

When you have passion and you know your why ideas come out naturally. 

So start researching, read articles, watch free tutorials on YouTube, talk to experts, join networking groups, and learn from them.

2) You are afraid of failure

Fear of failure is normal for everybody. We all experienced that, and we might be experiencing that today. 

However, failures are inevitable. We are human beings, and it’s natural for us to make flaws and fail. 

When you allow your fears to control you, that’s when you start to fail. Fear delays our success. However, it’s just temporary. You may want to choose which path to take:

The path of fears or the path of success.

3) You think you’re a fraud (Fraud syndrome or Imposter syndrome)

I think this is normal too. Even experts or big-time entrepreneurs still experience this.

I’ve had a coaching session with a mental health and business coach and she told me that people who experience this are most likely the ones who are successful.

However, it doesn’t mean that those experts who experience Imposter syndrome continue to live with it. They succeeded because they refused to let it stop them from achieving their goals and making an influence on the community.

If you feel like you’re a fraud, that’s normal. But don’t let it stop you from being the best YOU.

4) You listen to what everybody’s saying

It’s good to get feedback from others, but it’s unhealthy to take everything.

Listening to what everybody’s saying will only confuse you, and you may end up trying different things until you get tired, and the only thing that you just want to do is to quit.

In asking for feedback, ask the people who are doing similar businesses as you or your market. 

Don’t ask doctors, lawyers, or firefighters. They aren’t doing the thing that you do. Always come to the right people to ask. 

5) You’re not clear with your Why

Passion is what you do for yourself. Purpose is what you do for others.

As a social entrepreneur, your purpose for building a business is very crucial. Business with no purpose is like a house built in the sand. 

I’ve read articles and listened to podcast and heard stories that several businesses fail because they aren’t clear with their Why. 

You want to create an organization that caters to homeless families. Why?

You want to sell pastries to assist youth with their education. Why?

You want to build a community that connects people to their passion. Why?

You see, you’re Why could be deep, and it should be.

The deeper it is, the deeper the root of your tree is (your business).

And whatever adversities you face in your social impact business, you’ll overcome them because you are firm with your Why.


With so many possible reasons why social entrepreneurs quit, have you also thought about the reasons why they continue? Well, I guess, there’s only one powerful reason and that is to make an impact. 

If you have the burning desire to make a difference in the world, continue to fire it up. When you’re passionate about what you do and you believe it is your purpose, you’re going to make a massive impact and contribute to making our world a better place. 

Why Social Entrepreneurs Quit
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