Breakthrough Accelerator’s Allison Chaney Advises Social Entrepreneurs on Influence with Emotional Intelligence

June 24, 2021 | | 0 Comments

Breakthrough Accelerator

Allison Chaney imagines the world and business being a place where we can go-exist mindfully. Allison Chaney CEO of the Breakthrough Accelerator, a business accelerator that helps create stronger efforts through intentional business development and accelerating results. She talked about the valuable impact that can occur for initiatives both internally and externally. In this case, the results are more than profitability. Results are also focused on the impact initiatives create in doing business. Breakthrough Accelerator is able to develop by sharing communication and mindset tools to shift business into a place of possibility.

Focusing on skills in communication and mindset, such as emotional intelligence, rebuilds the standard for team interactions. Allison expressed how awareness around emotional intelligence fosters a better balance in having hard conversations. Emotional intelligence even relieves tough communication between different staff levels. Allison shared her own experience of when she was a leader that lacked emotional intelligence towards her team.

Another point of focus on improving business practices is the use of a decision matrix. Allison explained why getting clear on values and placing the values in a decision matrix make decisions easier for any business embracing new choices. Preparing a decision matrix helps initiatives to evaluate what actions and choices align with their values. By knowing the values, thinking further to the MVP (minimal viable product), the impact, or the legacy of an initiative.

“Every business can be socially responsible.” – Allison Chaney

Allison gave her insight on the journey to becoming a Certified B Corp. She shared that the process could be seen as lengthy, but going through that process made it possible that Breakthrough Accelerator achieved the B Corp title. Such a process allowed the initiative to implement actions to create a more socially responsible organization with a healthier, happier work environment. 

From there, Allison expressed her thoughts on why budding entrepreneurs need to focus on the things that will make the biggest impact on their initiative. She gave an example of someone she knows who spent years on building a website. Being in their own way, the person was trying to figure out all the little details, not realizing they took time away from providing service or building actual credibility. Once coming in contact with Allison, the person built the website shortly, and saw that they could move forward with results.

Alongside that impact, Allison emphasized that entrepreneurs should know the impact created by initiative, whether that be on the community, employees, or the world. Impact and possibility open the way to different approaches. Allison shared how she  looks forward to there being a day where people don’t limit themselves by hiding behind a “It’s always been done that way” mindset.

Breakthrough Accelerator is seeking to build an abundance of wealth, time, and joy through mindful business practices. Realizing the contribution created through work showcases the power of new ideas. New ideas are possible, and there’s more flexibility in trying new things.

If you would like to learn more, you can visit their website, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Or learn more about their business programs.

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