Joy in Alignment: When Passion meets Purpose


Recently I discussed with Linda Ulrich of Ever Widening Circles. The platform Ever Widening Circles started to share good news that was not centered on politics but on developing a better life. It became a media outlet with a mission to change the negative dialogues out of our times. We spoke about the general negative bias in news, and I think it’s pretty well known that negative news sells much better than positive news.

But as we were sharing our experiences from running our podcasts, both my experience with People Helping People and Linda’s experience with Ever Widening Circles, we’ve realized that there’s this entire other world is unfolding. And we see people out there in the world creating really great change and connecting in really organic ways. Unfortunately, if you only read the mainstream news, you rarely see all of this unfolding. In fact, it’s very easy to take a look at the news, and think that we’re sinking into the end of times.

There’s always a way

Almost hidden from view is an entirely different story that is unfolding. People are coming together and connecting in radically new ways. Whether that is across social media, there new ways of project-based work, but it’s ultimately an exchange of ideas that is much more open and fluid than we’ve ever seen in our history. Partly because the internet connects us to information and new ideas so that when somebody figures out how to make something work really well in one corner of the world, that news can travel to another place in the world very quickly.

As I’ve had done my own research through People Helping People, I’ve gotten this feeling that there is this rise in consciousness across the world that is bringing people together in a much more mindful way to live in harmony with each other and the planet. It’s as if great seeds of awakening have been planted and have been growing strong roots underneath the surface.

And the seeds are starting to sprout in massive ways. I get this feeling that there’s this old way of living that is full of stress and bound by time and commitments and the need to go and work in an office. And, it’s shifting into a world that is more based on people exploring their passions and expressing who they are through the work that they’re doing.

People Helping People exists as my own exploration of how to make this shift from a career where I have a typical job to one that is in line with this inner purpose to make an impact.

Uncover your Purpose

Fifteen years ago, I felt stuck trying to figure out what my own purpose was and what I wanted to do with my life. It took starting this podcast for me to actually start making some progress on uncovering that the way I started to uncover that was by making new connections and getting new ideas. One of the hardest things for entrepreneurs is that quite often, you start and you feel very alone.

For a social entrepreneur, it’s very important that you go out and connect with others who are doing similar work, even if it’s in a different space because these connections will inspire you. And you will realize that you’re part of something bigger. When it’s bigger than you, it’s much easier to show up and contribute to whatever causes that you’re involved in.

Joy in living in your alignment

I remember a conversation with Nipun Mehta, founder of Service Space, an absolutely shining example of the sharing economy and bringing people together to express their generosity and experience fulfillment through giving.

Social entrepreneurship is a bridge between the business capitalistic society that we live in and a new way of connecting people to come together and work on projects that uplift us all. There is an inherent joy within us as we live in alignment with who we are. If you’re finding that your life is filled with stress and anxiety (as mine quite often is these days), the first step is to step back and take a look at the world with fresh eyes. Developing some curiosity about the world around you creating some room where you can breathe and pause and allowing what is naturally unfolding to come through you.

In a sense, the seeds have already been planted and quite often we only need to get out of our own way in order to let these seeds blossom and grow. We have everything inside of us that we need to guide us in the right direction. Follow what you enjoy and brings you into greater harmony with the world around you especially if it stimulates your curiosity and intrigue.


If you are trying to figure out what you wanted to do and feeling stuck, realize that you need to get some more information to stimulate that curiosity and takes you forward. Take a look at the activities that you’re engaged in and take note of whether or not that brings you more joy and curiosity.

If it does not, find ways to reduce or eliminate the amount of time you spend in those activities, and be intentional about creating extra space in your life where something can naturally unfold. Because if you’re too busy trying to make a living, then you’re going to miss the beauty that’s inherent in each moment.

It is in each moment where you have the opportunity to wake up and be present with what is that will bring more change into how you live and how you experience than anything else. Connect with platforms like Service Space and Ever Widening Circles and dive into some of these cool stories to get more personal inspiration on what is possible and use that as fuel to create whatever shift you can in your life to be more in alignment with this new world that is unfolding.

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