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It's been a year

It’s been a year!

It's been a year

It’s been a year since I sent you a newsletter.

A lot has happened.

I think everybody universally agrees that the pandemic made for a strange year. Between People Helping People and Wild Tiger Tees, we felt it too.

However, the pandemic did not stop me from sharing the impact I want to create, and actually had a great experience:

  • The year started off with us exploring GiveBackHack and sharing our Wild Tiger Tees’ story on the People Helping People Podcast.
  • We had our most popular podcast recorded at the beginning of the year with Compelling Analytics founder Abel Koury, who shared how he helps non-profit organizations craft effective surveys with the right questions and information pack podcasts.
  • Then Black Lives Matter came along and shifted the conversation towards diversity and inclusion.
  • We spoke with many companies to see how they were adapting to such a strange year.
  • I also had the chance to speak with Lasheyl Stroud, who successfully ran for judgeship and took her experience as a magistrate in the juvenile court to the next level.
  • Wild Tiger Tees set aside our profits, while our work program was on hold, and it’s only now just starting again.
  • I had my first social event since the lockdown: I got together with the other organizers of GiveBackHack to reflect on the first RocketFuel Round for alumni teams to get a boost.
  • Earned my coaching certification, and now coach social entrepreneurs.

So 2020 taught me to see things from different views.

It has allowed me to start a coaching program, which has always been my passion.

I had the chance to speak with incredible people who are also passionate about impacting the world.

And the list goes on…

2020 was like a reset. Sometimes our life routines feel permanent, but last year gave us new eyes on how to see things from different perspectives, which gave us a lot of AHA moments and clarity on where we’re headed.

Our vision for People Helping People is to provide social entrepreneurs with the resources they need to succeed.  In Wild Tiger Tees, we’re building a brand that can help homeless youth utilize their artistic talents to support them as they find stability in their lives. To realize this, I’ll continue to share great content around social change and social entrepreneurship.

Starting this week, I’ll once again be sending out a weekly newsletter about social entrepreneurship.

I’ll share my weekly podcast episode with you, featuring the stories of the amazing people that are making a social impact and some helpful articles that will help you build a business that has a social impact.

Now, it is our hope that you join us in sharing our stories so that more people can access these resources, get inspired, and start social enterprises that impact their local community.

There are so many awesome ideas out there of ways to make a difference in and fun ways to earn an income and create a social change at the same time.

And I am here to help you build it.

Please join me, follow what we’re doing, share what we’re doing, and be part of the impact we’re making.



P.S. We are switching from Substack to Convertkit for a better experience. If you wish to continue receiving weekly newsletters, I’d be glad to see you here in my small community. However, if you wish to opt out, you will see the option in the newsletter when it comes next week.

It's been a year
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