3 Tree Shares Easy Habits to Save the Planet

April 9, 2021 | Adam Morris | 0 Comments

3 Tree

Kaiti Burkhammer from 3 Tree joined the podcast today to share the story of how they are helping people create sustainable habits that save the planet and help the environment.

A new company started during the GiveBackHack Global event last fall, they shared their strategy for developing a product that will help individuals create environmentally friendly habits. They started by getting feedback from friends and family and then reached out to the local changemaker community to understand what drives people to adopt new sustainable habits.

They shared how they learned that the younger respondents often had concerns about not being able to make any significant impact, where older respondents were more price sensitive. They tested different ways of encouraging these habits and discovered how powerful and important an element of community and sharing your progress with others can be in creating a ripple effect.

Kaiti Burkhammer shared her own initiatives, and how she recently took up composting, through a local company the Compost Exchange that picks up compost so you can reduce what you put in the landfill. Kaiti also shared some of her favorite local companies – Reuse Revolution and Koko the Shop. 3 Tree believes in sharing and uplifting local companies doing good to help spread their awareness and the impact that buying local can make.

Kaiti shared that 3 Tree is holding their first annual CBUS Clean Crawl on Saturday, April 24th at 11 am, in celebration of Earth Day. Find out more on their website, Instagram or Facebook.

3 Tree

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