Maxime Dücker’s Our Good Brands Connecting You with Impact

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Our Good Brands
Our Good Brands

When Maxime Dücker arrived in Melbourne, Australia, she found inspiration in the thriving world of social & eco-focused enterprises seeking to change the world.  So, she set out to wield her marketing and branding expertise to create change and launched Our Good Brands as an entertainment hub for brands and worldwide consumers to make better decisions.

Our Good Brands

With topics around sustainability, ethical living, ethical consumption, and eco-friendly trends – Our Good Brands is a platform that raises awareness and shares stories of many amazing brands and the people behind them.  With so much news focused on the negative, Maxime took the approach of providing uplifting habits and insights into how we can incorporate sustainability into our everyday lives, keeping in mind that we all live busy lives.

To be honest, I used to be slightly skeptical about the impact a single individual can make.  The effect from a single individual appears insignificant against the sheer volume of people and the magnitude of damage caused through massive consumption.

But Maxime shared her own experience on how people genuinely want to leave the world a better place, and how the conversation changed from being non-existent when she started to be commonplace today. She ran an eco-friendly air-BnB, complete with information about what she was doing.  The biggest surprise was how often people would share all the things they were doing in their life to make an impact.  And they would be excited to learn what else they can do.

As you grow, you incorporate uplifting practices into your own life – others see this, and get inspired.  So, as you work on yourself, you connect with communities that are doing this same work, and together you lift each other up – this change that you’re doing ripples out and touches many others, and it magnifies to the point that significant change occurs.

And this change can start small.  (And even better when it does, because small changes that are easy to make part of your life will pave the way for further, more impactful changes.  You climb a mountain one step at a time.)

Maxime points out that it makes such clear sense to solve social and environmental problems by using the mechanism of business because a solid business can not only magnify the impact but displace other business which is causing harm… and in the process give consumers an easy means to create change by choosing where they spend their dollars.

Not sure where to start?  Listen to the podcast, packed full with great insight. Check out Our Good Brands and the eco-guides, or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube. Need even more help with branding your social enterprise? Reach out to Maxime through her branding agency Four PPineapples.

Our Good Brands

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