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Social Good Blueprint | Can’t Stop Us

[1] Can’t Stop Columbus

Can’t Stop Columbus started a week ago as an impromptu online virtual hack-a-thon to offer support for Columbus, and since they’ve launched a series of projects to make a difference to those affected by COVID-19. Within 48 hours, over 250 people had joined… now it’s up to 700, and has become a model for doing something that makes an impact while we’re stuck at home.

[2] COVID-19 Resources to Support Social Entrepreneurs

SOCAP (the Social Capital Markets conference), has put together resources to help social entrepreneurs, with resources for emergency funding sources, networks and updates on how to help your social enterprise navigate COVID-19.

[3] Compelling Questions

If looking for good ways to put to use your time at home, learn how to ask the right questions in this podcast with Abel Koury from Compelling Analytics. Asking the right questions is essential for accessing insightful information, and Abel gives up direct tips on how to refine questions that drive our social enterprises forward.

[4] Dr. Happysmarts

Feeling stressed? Professor Raj Raghunathan of Happy Smarts teaches others to nurture well being and happiness. His recent courses, A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment and HEROIC (Happier Employees and Return-On-Investment Course), guide people in measuring happiness levels. And to top it off, he shares his story with us in this podcast.

[5] Vegan Wool

Just because I’m overload with COVID-19 news… this ‘Vegan Wool’ is Made From Desert Plants That Need No Water. I know retail has basically come to a screeching halt, and while the virus may not be good for humanity, hopefully, it will at least do something good for the environment. But when we get rolling again, this company is selling products made from Weganool, that is, vegan wool, bringing us a solution for sustainable clothing that offsets the huge carbon footprint of the apparel industry.

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