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[1] Spice It Up

This week on People Helping People, Tonya Vora shared her story of building Spice Up, an event sharing stories over diversity & highlighting cultures of chefs that have been impacted by immigrant experiences. Their next event is a Syrian brunch, at the Mazah Eatery in Grandview, this Sunday, February 16th.

[2] Students of Nottingham Become the Robin Hood of Surplus Food

Students from the University of Nottingham founded FoodPrint, a social enterprise that saves and sells food that supermarkets would otherwise throw away. Since they’ve started, they’ve rescued 30 tons of food from being wasted, and they’ve even picked up a major global impact award (and they didn’t even have to steal it!)

[3] After Wings, Buffalo Brings us the Healthiest Snacks Available

Food Nerd is busy in their Buffalo kitchen dreaming up snacks which are actually good for us. Snacks made from whole food plant-based, mostly raw, organic, gluten-free and filled with superfoods… even their packaging is earth-friendly. Will they bring the healthiest snack ever to the market?

[4] Bringing the Spice of Life to Scotland

Social enterprises are bringing the spice of life to Scotland. Their 2019 Social Enterprise Census highlights almost 140 food, catering and hospitality social enterprises that are making an impact through food, tackling issues such as addressing food insecurity, sharing culture, empower marginalised people, and delivering new healthy dishes. Food is one thing that all connects us, and so it’s a great way to make a social impact.

[5] EveryTable Growing for Good

Everytable, a popular Los Angeles based social enterprise, offers healthy, made-from-scratch meals that everyone can afford. They just raised $2.5 million to expand on their local subscription and distribution model to reach more people. They also have a cool SmartFridge service, a pseudo-vending machine, restocked throughout the day to provide fresh, healthy food that’s easy to access.

[6] Columbus Corner

Here are some upcoming events – all of which Wild Tiger Tees, our social enterprise (empowering youth experiencing homelessness) has printed t-shirts for:

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