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[1] Creating Magical Social Impact with Give Back Hack

This week’s podcast was with Suzy and Louisa, founders of Give Back Hackthe launchpad for social entrepreneurship. They talk about how they flipped the conventional hack-a-thon on its head to create a weekend structure that has a high success rate of launching new social enterprises. We launched our own social enterprise, Wild Tiger Tees, at Give Back Hack in 2017, so I can attest to the magic. Suzy and Louisa have such awesome energy, I’m excited to share their story!

[2] The Oakland women who took over a vacant lot to house the homeless

I came across this story in the Guardian, about the local community in Oakland, California, who came together to build a camp for the homeless. It’s an interesting example of putting some thought into an encampment to have proper facilities… but also a striking example of how big the crisis in California has become.

[3] Diving deeper into California’s homelessness crisis

The Enterprise-Record posted an in-depth piece on homelessness in California. It’s quite an interesting and comprehensive read, covering detailed statistics and causes – but I like that it not only provides detailed coverage of the situation but also possible solutions, including eviction counselling & defense, emergency rental assistance, diversion and rapid re-housing.

[4] Using Blockchain to Feed The Hungry

Jasmine Crowe founded Goodr built a platform to feed more by wasting less – allowing you to efficiently donate your surplus food to non-profits that will use it. They consider themselves a waste management company – instead of paying to throw food away, you’re paying less to have it delivered to those that will use it – saving people money, landfills from wasted food, and still others from going hungry.

[5] Homemade Goods to Address Homelessness

Project HOME (which stands for Housing, Opportunities for Employment, Medical Care and Education) is Philadelphia non-profit working to change chronic homelessness. They run a series of social enterprises, that are small businesses to employ residents, giving them skills and the support they need to turn their life in a new direction.

[6] 37 Social Entrepreneurs To Watch For In 2020

To round out this week, Grant at Cause artist released a great read on 37 Social Entrepreneurs To Watch For In 2020. It’s a fantastic collection of entrepreneurs, including Beam, which is using crowdfunding to help homeless get job skills in a unique way, and Vera, a platform that lets you offset your plastic footprint for $3/month… by working with the Plastic Bank – which has recycled more than 6.25 Million KG of ocean-bound plastics since it started in 2013!

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