Social Good Blueprint

Social Good Blueprint | Looking Back at 2019

[1] How [re]start Transformed Getting a Job to be About You

Finding a job, securing a job, and developing a skill for a job could seem like energy-draining tasks. Thankfully, Sam Baddoo is changing the perspective of the job ecosystem in his work with [re]start. As a workforce development company, this social enterprise helps people grow their careers through business sponsorships. Enjoy the full story of our final podcast for 2019!

[2] Stauf’s & Wild Tiger Tees Partner Up on Seasonal Mugs

Just because it’s exciting seeing our social enterprise Wild Tiger Tees in the news (and to be interviewed by my favorite journalist, Susan Post) – I’m happy to share that Stauf’s, one of great coffeehouses in Columbus, partnered with us to build up our work program helping youth experiencing homelessness and helped us launch a new product line making mugs.

[3] What went right in 2019

Not everything in the 2019 news made for a rosy picture. Luckily, has some highlights on what went right. Pretty inspiring list, including that for the first time renewable energy overtook fossil fuels in the UK. Great list if you’re looking for inspiration.

[4] A Year of Business as a Force for Good

B the Change, the blog for B Labs, is celebrating some major shifts towards a more inclusive and regenerative economy. And they should, they’ve just had a record-breaking year for the B Corps. In this year alone, B Corps have:

  • Offset 6.4 million tons of carbon
  • Diverted 108 thousand metric tons of waste
  • Performed 60,000 hours of volunteer service
  • Protected 8,800 hectares of land

[5] Five Amazing Social Enterprise Ideas of 2019

Real Leaders highlights 5 Amazing Social Enterprises that launched this year. Ideas that combat online abuse of children, work to fix the broken pharmaceutical supply chain in Africa, tackle deadly counterfeit drugs, improve employment for youth in South Africa and provide new solutions for mental health.

[6] The Best Weekend Briefings

Kyle Westaway’s Weekend Briefing is one of the best sources for social impact news. He’s rounding out the year with his favorite stories, including one I really like about the Domino Effect. “The Domino Effect is about progress, not results. Simply maintain the momentum. Let the process repeat as one domino automatically knocks down the next.” Take small, consistent steps has been my motto for 2019.

[7] Conscious Company’s Top 20 Stories of 2019

Just when you thought lists of lists couldn’t be more exciting… here’s another list of lists (inside this list) of great stories brought to you by Conscious Company, including:

That’s it for this decade! Happy new year, and here’s looking forward to all the great change that the next decade will bring!

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