How [re]start Transformed Getting a Job to be About You | with Sam Baddoo

December 21, 2019 | | 2 Comments

Finding a job, securing a job, and developing a skill for a job could seem like energy-draining tasks. Thankfully, Sam Baddoo is changing the perspective of the job ecosystem in his work with [re]start. As a workforce development company, this social enterprise helps people grow their careers through business sponsorships. Sam, along with co-founder Chad Silverstein, created a program closing in on both sides connected to a “quality of life” issue. Sam is great at breaking down the concept structure, and relaying why it is so important.

Embracing a new angle, [re]start approaches customers of businesses, such as mortgage and healthcare institutions, and helps those customers find better jobs to be more financially sound. Sam shared that a “better community” is more so related to how the community is experiencing life. If the individuals of a community are stable, the community flourishes.

Sam explained why it makes sense for the businesses. Alongside wanting to help people, he knows companies realize having customers that are stable and have access to value will benefit the company. I can see how it’s in the best interest of the company to make sure the people using their services are thriving. People cannot pay bills properly if they don’t have stability.

Rather than pushing for a transaction accompanied by ruthless payment reminders, [re]start forms a way for businesses to have a more considerate relation with the community they provide service to. One example being Choice Recovery, a debt collection company connecting jobs to the people in debt to their clients.

Diving deeper, the program takes members on a journey. Unlike a job board or recruitment agency, coaching and resources are given to help members for continuous growth. Sam emphasizes that understanding the members is a top priority. In the company, understanding what each person is naturally drawn to is indispensable:

“We start from: What is it that you are uniquely built for? What is it that you enjoy doing? It has nothing to do with your previous sales job or your customer service job. The reason why you were great at customer service is because deep down you love connecting.” – Sam Baddoo

When I thought it couldn’t get more insightful, Sam expressed what he learned to be key factors for fulfilling your purpose. We discussed having a clear vision, or a vision of someone’s vision. Then, Sam exposed how surrounding yourself with the right example of your vision, particularly people, leads you to realize you’re not crazy for your ideas. He went further to touch on how the gateway to diversity and inclusion begins with openness. Sam’s attentive explanation built more value into our conversation.

Sam says, “The mission is simple; for us to help people find and grow careers that they will love.” Empowering customers “to afford their financial obligations by connecting them to better careers” is an approach that [re]start is passionately advocating.

You can connect with [re]start on Instagram, Twitter, or on the [re]start website if you’re interested in learning more.

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