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Social Good Blueprint | Thriving Environment

[1] O2 Conference

This week’s episode of People Helping People Podcast features David White, founder of the O2 Conference – it’s a platform young people in grades 6 – 12 can use to highlight a need in their community, and get funding and mentorship to bring it alive. Do you know young aspiring changemakers? Deadline to apply is January 15th, 2020!

[2] Kits for a Cause

Kits for a Cause provides a group activity for sending kits to local causes of supplies they need. It is more personal than just writing a check and gives people a chance to work together to see the good they’re providing. See Change Magazine looks at how Kits for Cause is Changing the Face of Giving Back.

[3] Shop Small

Small Business Saturday was founded to help people Shop Small and boost their local communities. Often such products are better for the environment, but it also helps the local economy. Check out the Metroprenuer’s list to discover some local small businesses in Columbus.

[4] Party with a Purpose

Grady Lee, founder of Give To Get, shares his insight on how to Party with a Purpose — replacing your typical office party with one that builds meaningful connections over activities that uplift. One of my favorite tips: “Use the holidays to launch a long-term plan – A year-round commitment to social good is so much more important than one great holiday experience.” Can’t tell you how important this is – I visited the Star House this last week, and the walls were stacked with donations for the holidays… but come February, they’re struggling to find them.

[5] Getaways for Good

Want to make your next vacation more inspiring? BTheChange has a list of certified B Corps that are helping travelers build a better world on their journeys.

Their list includes Animal Experience International, a safe, ethical and authentic volunteering. Modern Adventure provides curated travels centred more around experience, and less around stuff. Legacy Vacation Resorts focus on sustainable travel, and the reduction of the carbon footprint left behind. Intrepid Group builds on that sustainability by addressing address over-tourism in Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

[6] Online Activism to Real-World Impact

How do you ensure your online activism has an offline impact? (A point Saturday Night Live made in their Thanksgiving open, of how hotly we debate politics without ever effecting change.) Apparently tell your story well, and keep telling it. Then lift up others. And finally, use your online words to reinforce what you’re doing on the ground. (Basically, put the phone down and go do something real.)

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