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[1] ConsciousCBUS Shopping Guide

Spoke with Heide Rembold on this week’s podcast – a conscious business activist here in Columbus, Ohio. She’s just released her holiday guide to purchasing conscious gifts – and I recommend checking it out if you’re looking for some meaningful gifts. Also, follow her on Instagram @ConciousCBUS to keep up to date on tips for conscious living.

[2] The CauseArtists Guide

Cause Artist is another inspiration of mine – great podcast and stories spreading ideas for social impact, they’re everything that People Helping People aspires to be. Check out their Social Impact Holiday Gift Guide for 2019.

[3] The Good Trade

And what would a social impact gift guide list be without your source for sustainable fashion – The Good Trade? Looking for apparel, jewellery and accessories – check out their 2019 Gift Guide: Your Complete Guide To Sustainable Gifts For Women.

[4] My Green Closet

Another hero for finding sustainable goods is My Green Closet. Check out their 25 Sustainable Gifts, for a unique array of gift ideas. Bookmark both The Good Trade and My Green Closet when you’re stuck for ideas… they regularly highlight the good stuff.

[5] REDF’s Social Enterprise Gift Guide

REDF invests in and advises high-impact social enterprises to employ and empower people overcoming barriers to work. To date, they’ve invested in 186 social enterprises. Check our their social enterprise gift guide!

[6] Sseko Designs

Sometimes you want to buy cool designer clothes, in which case you can visit Sseko Designs. Sometimes you want to launch your own business selling products that make an impact, in which case you can… also visit Sseko Designs. I hope to speak to founder Liz Bohanna sometime, but until then, I’ll have to stick with reading (aka listening) to her book Beginner’s Pluck: Build Your Life of Purpose and Impact Now.

[7] Wild Tiger Tees

And where would I be not pitching forth my own social enterprise, Wild Tiger Tees? While we’re new to the online space – our work program employes youth experiencing homelessness, and we’re selling some of their designs online, and passing on the proceeds to the artisans to help them build a stronger foundation in their life.

[8] Secrets of Retail Real Estate

Running a successful social enterprise means running a good business. And to the point, I’m proud to share that my father is releasing his book Secrets of Retail Real Estate: How Successful Retailers Win on December 12th. After a career helping national retailers succeed and building one of the most family-friendly companies I’ve known, he is sharing his retail insight with the world. (Disclaimer: My dad is cool. And I work for the company he built.)

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