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[1] Seize The Good

The latest People Helping People podcast is with Stephanie Page, host of a fellow social impact podcast, Seize the Good. If you need a blast of enthusiasm, and some great ideas, tune in to hear what’s great stuff she exploring and sharing.

[2] Good Eats

Healthy Food Financing Initiative (HFFI) works to improve access to healthy food and create jobs and healthy communities – today they’ve invested $220 million in grants across 35 states – but they’ve had to remain flexible because issue around food access varies greatly from place to place.

[3] Arthur Potts Dawson

Arthur Potts Dawson is on a mission to reduce the global impact of food business on the planet. He’s working to help restaurants, farmers, and other players in the food industry drastically reduce their food, water and energy waste — creating new recycling, composting and sustainable engines… and even approaching how we shop and dispose of food.

[4] Fresh Prep

Since 2015, Vancouver based Fresh Prep‘s mission has been to be the most sustainable meal kit on the market. (To date, they are the only meal kit Certified B Corporation). While there are many healthy food kit makers, Fresh Prep also focuses on its overall impact on the environment.

[5] Poop to Power

Cow farmers like Alliance Dairies are changing the game for environmentally friendly cattle raising. If you didn’t know, cows = very bad environmental problem. But Alliance Dairies are changing this – they recycle water and other components… but one of their biggest impacts is from creating their own energy to power 70% of their farm from their methane digester. So, they’re making use of the cow dung to not only reduce their methane emissions but to supply power at the same time.

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