Seize The Good to Uplift Your Day | with Stephanie Page

November 23, 2019 | | 2 Comments

Stephanie Page started the Seize the Good in 2019 to share positive stories highlighting non-profit organizations, businesses doing good, social movements and success stories of people helping people.

Talking to her, I realized we share a similar curiosity. We both want to contribute to the world in a more meaningful way… but weren’t sure how. Podcasting became our mechanism to explore this and share the inspiration that we ourselves are seeking. I don’t talk much about the artform of podcasting, but it’s much more complicated than blogging – scheduling guests, learning to conduct an interesting interview, understanding recording equipment and how to edit audio – it’s time-consuming, and a labor of love. But Stephanie made the point that it’s so satisfying because you get to choose your guests and direction, which to me is one of the best parts. It’s amazing seeking out interesting people and having a forum to ask them questions which inspire you. And it feels great being able to share this so others can also benefit.

Stephanie’s podcasts are fun to listen to – she is the embodiment of enthusiasm. Her positivity is one of her strengths – so if you need an uplifting podcast, check her’s out. (Hint: she just recorded what I’m doing with Wild Tiger Tees.)

One thing she’s really passionate about is changing the stigma around mental illness… and also understanding our own mental health, as across the board, we’re all struggling with similar things.

Stephanie also works for Point, a volunteer app that makes it so easy to do more good. Their founder Madison was lying in bed one night, lamenting on how you could order food in bed at 11 pm from your phone, but to find a place to volunteer was complicated… you had to do your own research, and often play phone tag just to figure out how to volunteer. So they build the point app to make it easy to find opportunities around what you believe in. Over time, they’ve built up their capabilities to provide non-profits and service organizations with the digital reporting tools to better understand and qualify the impact their volunteers are having… providing an easy to use technology platform that’s missing from organizations that manage volunteers.

You can find her on:

And download the Point App from the app store or google play if you haven’t already!

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