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Social Good Blueprint | Second-Hand Sunshine

[1] Rootstrike Labs

This week on the People Helping People Podcast, we spoke with Dave Parker who has had a long career in helping non-profits develop social enterprises. Now he’s launching Rootstrike Labs to help non-profits develop the creativity within their organizations so they can thrive.

[2] Second-hand Fashion

A new trend in fashion capitalizing on second-hand goods is making headway. Fashion charity TRAID launched its 23% campaign last year — with the statistic that 23 per cent of clothes in London go unworn. Their campaign is to put 123 million garments back into use through TRAID’s collection schemes, charity shops and eBay stores. The environmental impact is huge – saving water and carbon that would have been spent on manufacturing.

[3] Chilly Solar Power

Homes in ALASKA (you read that right), are being fitted with miniature solar arrays, LED lights and a heat pump. Even though they only operate above freezing, the annual savings is about $2000 – $3000 per home and pays for itself in just a few years. Snow can actually help reflect additional light to the solar panels too.

[4] Busting Plastic Myths

There are lots of myths about the challenges of recycling plastics. For it to be successful, the real focus needs to be reducing the cost of sorting and recycling to make it financially worth it. Even things like plastic film can be recycled, but the trick is to capture it before it reaches sorting centers, where it can clog the machines. Bio-degradable plastics aren’t necessarily better – it’s better to build products with recycling in mind. Overhauling the current way plastic is collected and sorted is key.

[5] Fly Fishing and Impact Investing

Clemens Pietzner is an avid fly fisher. And realized that, “fly-fishers have to align their skill with the flow of the river, the fish, the temperature, the insect life, and the ever-changing elements of nature, not unlike the conscious effort to harmonize oneself with one’s community, one’s locality, and the world.” From this, he founded the Triskeles Foundation to develop the concept of impact investing, and bring a new, highly-effective model of funding to non-profits.

[6] Celebrating Impact

EVPA Annual Conference in the Netherlands just finished. They’re sharing their insight over the last 15 years, and how small investments can make an even bigger impact. Did you miss the conference? Check out the recap.

[7] W*nder On

Tanisha Robinson, the first CEO of BrewDog here in the US, has left to launch W*nder – an all-natural, sparkling beverage infused with vitamins and CBD said to provide energy and focus. I’ve been witness to Tanisha’s commitment to social change through business, and I’m excited to see where this next venture takes her!

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