Cultivating Social Impact Gold with Rootstrike Labs | with Dave Parker

November 15, 2019 | | 0 Comments

Dave Parker has long been at the forefront of social innovation. He’s a former director of the National Center for Social Entrepreneurs, and in 1999, Dave founded CauseImpact, a consultancy that worked with nonprofits to develop social enterprises. Dave recently sold the consultancy to launch Rootstrike Labs. Rootstrike Labs helps agents of social impact increase their capacity to innovate so that they can change the world.

Dave Parker is working with Lynnette Cook, who is the Director of Bliss (which must be one of the coolest positions out there). Together, their signature program Hopeless to Fearless exists to help employees in non-profits develop their own creativity and a support network that can help unlock powerful ideas for change.

In the podcast, Dave walks through a history of how social entrepreneurship grew in Columbus, Ohio, and how it’s changed and evolved over the years – especially how the thinking in non-profits have changed, and some of the challenges that they’re facing today.

I thought it was very interesting that many non-profits turn to social entrepreneurship out of pressure, when quite often what they need to is to focus attention on their core competencies, and making sure that they’re first excelling in the value they’re delivering.

I love that Rootstrike Labs is approaching non-profits from the standpoint that their social workers on the front lines are some of the most valuable assets… and by working with these groups to develop their creativity, that they can unlock potential in their organizations that are untapped. If you find yourself curious on how to do this, reach out to Rootstrike Labs to check out their Hopeless to Fearless program.

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