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[1] B Inspired

Patrick Pichette, former CFO of Google, argues there is evidence that Milton Friedman’s doctrine is incorrect, that it’s not the case that “There is one and only one social responsibility of business — to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increase its profits so long as it stays within the rules of the game”. Instead, it ignores the environmental consequence and furthers the socio-economic divide in ways that are unsustainable. Patrick puts forth a great stipulation that the rapid change in our times creates a huge opportunity to set a new course.

[2] Glass Half Full

Water scarcity is a growing issue… and there are projections that half of the 204 water basins in the US won’t be able to meet their monthly water demands by 2071. But all is not bleak… this is an inspiring look at advancements in technologies around water reuse and desalination which have potential, as well as more attention in the political realm where much of these issues can be solved.

[3] I Don’t Want Your Hope

I find Greta Thunberg inspiring. Not just for her pointed words towards world leaders, but the effectiveness of her words to inspiring me to look at my own impact with more honesty and ruthlessness. I agree with her that our challenge to understand our environmental impact is key to our survival. The earth doesn’t care if it can’t support life any longer, but we sure do.

[4] Four Day Week

Direct from the Weekend Briefing – Microsoft Japan just completed an experiment giving employees 5 consecutive Fridays off and measured the impact. What did they find? Sales skyrocketed 40%! Work less, do more. Apparently 92% of the employees preferred the workweek. (Maybe the other 8% are still feeling the shame of having to wear purple capes for overworking.)

[5] Conscious Financing

Conscious financing has the power to save small business… there are many new sources of funding for small businesses that are creating social change: impact-based financing, community-based investment and value-based crowdfunding. Starting a social enterprise is hard, and one that often has barriers to traditional funding, so knowing where to get support is key.

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