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[1] Seize the Good

Discovered Stephanie Page’s podcast, Seize the Good, with her enthusiasm and joy, is infectious. She’s reaching out to changemakers making a difference and making the world a better place. (Plus she works with Point – the app that’s the easiest way to volunteer – so, she’s doing cool stuff herself!) She’s spoken to the people behind the idea for Random Acts of Kindness, and to a hemp brand changing the world called Love Shows the Way. Check out the podcast!

[2] IFF – Mission Driven Lending

People Helping People Podcast, Episode 43 is up – we explored IFF, a mission-driven lender with CEO Joe Neri and the Senior Lender of their Columbus Office, Omar Elhagmusa. They are unique in that they lend specifically to non-profits, and provide the wrap-around real estate services that are generally outside a non-profit’s core expertise. Really cool work, and a shining example of a thoughtful business structure making a huge social impact.


Alex Eaton, the CEO and co-founder of received Social Entrepreneur of the Year from the World Economic Forum… for their “biodigester” solution… a machine that takes organic waste and transforms it into renewable gas and thermal energy. They’ve installed over 7,000 biodigesters to date, allowing over 42,000 people to produce clean renewable energy while reducing 9 million tons of waste and saving 1.5 million trees. Sounds like they deserve it to me!

[4] From Cash To Purpose

Saurabh Narang gave up his lucrative job in an investment bank to pursue social entrepreneurship. He took his passion for photography, and some fortunate incidents on his travels to launch Create4Cause – a social enterprise that helps people to support unnoticed causes through art.

“I believe that life is not about making money. It is about making a difference to someone, somewhere. Create4Cause is my way of doing some meaningful and satisfying work, contributing to the community around.”

— Saurabh Narang

[5] Healthy Alternatives for Latina Cuisine

Heart disease and cancer are higher among the Latina population, and often it’s linked to diet.  But it’s leading to a new generation of entrepreneurs to create healthier versions of traditional dishes.  USA Today highlights three stories of entrepreneurs creating healthy food concepts – Siete Family Foods, Salud de Paloma, Todo Verde – and are raising awareness on healthy eating and changing food options.

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