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[1] Lamar Peoples: Change Through Politics

The People Helping People Podcast is back up with episode 41: Lamar People: Change Through Politics. Listen in for an interesting discussion into Lamar’s experience running for office, and the change he’s creating through outreach into the community. There is such a skewed perspective of the news, it’s fascinating to hear what legislation is actually like.

[2] Fair Chance Employment

The Aspire 2019 Social Entrepreneurship Awards hosted a fascinating panel on Fair Chance Employment. Three local social enterprises spoke about their experiencing hiring those with barriers to employment: Clean Turn, Freedom a la Cart, and

[3] Society’s Turning Point

This, coming from the mouth of Bill Drayton, founder and CEO of Ashoka, and the man who coined the term “Social Entrepreneur”. Ashoka has now funded almost 4,000 different changemakers,

In the past, people could follow the rules, and they’d be okay. But as the increase in automation, the demand for repeatable skills is creating an upheaval. “Now, value comes from contributing and adapting to change,” Drayton says. And to do this, we need to teach our children to be change makers.

[4] Where to Start

Here are 5 Investor-Friendly Industries Perfect for First-Time Entrepreneurs. Fintech, cannabis, digital marketing, education technology, renewable energy. What would be cool is if you can combine those into a social enterprise. Personally, I’m thinking an education platform powered by the sun that’s marketed on Instagram which teaches you the reasons you might not want to smoke pot with an explanation of how it will hurt your financial success. (Am I genius or what?) On a personal note, the VC route is more challenging for social entrepreneurship because of the pressure on a public exit (earning money) conflicts with putting purpose before profit.

[5] Social Entrepreneurship Marketplace – Indonesia

Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atma Jaya just hosted the Social Entrepreneurship (SE) Marketplace. Last year’s marketplace hosted 25 participants whose concepts were split into causes for the environment, social development, and health. My Indonesian is a bit rusty (non-existent), but it’s exciting to see groups around the world developing business ideas for social change.

And… it’s not just Indonesia. This stuff is spreading everywhere. New College of Florida also just held it’s inaugural social entrepreneurship conference… the first-place winner, student Jesus Olive, is creating a mobile app called Better Today — a self-improvement tool to help people better their personal lives and achieve goals.

[6] Fortuity and local outsourcing

Fortuity is a business that is changing the contract and business process outsourcing center industry while providing better opportunities in low-income neighborhoods. They create a work environment that has higher retention, and advancements for growth. They’re putting a new facility in Franklinton, a low-income area on the border of Columbus, Ohio, specifically to create job opportunities, and bring more opportunity to a community that needs it.

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