Social Good Blueprint | Turning Point

[1] Lamar Peoples: Change Through Politics The People Helping People Podcast is back up with episode 41: Lamar People: Change Through Politics. Listen in for an interesting discussion into Lamar’s experience running for office, and

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Fair Chance Employment

2019 Aspire Social Entrepreneur Awards On Wednesday, September 18th, I attended Aspire – the 7th annual social entrepreneurship awards for central Ohio.  We were honored that Wild Tiger Tees was nominated and picked as a

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Social Good Blueprint | Aspire 2019

[1] 2019 Aspire Social Entrepreneurship Awards Aspire returned for their 7th year of Central Ohio Social Entrepreneurship Awards, recognizing outstanding achievements for businesses creating social impact, hosted by Roosevelt Coffeehouse, the Metropreneur and Columbus Underground.

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Social Good Blueprint | Sea Change

On Wednesday night, 6 of the 14 SEA Change teams pitched their ideas and collectively won $100,000 to take their ventures forward. It was an inspiring evening and fun to see some fellow social entrepreneurs,

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Social Good Blueprint | Sunshine

[1] Solar Trains Riding Sunbeams, in addition to being one of the coolest company names I’ve heard in a while, is a social enterprise working to build and connect the world’s first-ever full-scale community &

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