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[1] Greta Thunberg Joins Movement to Clip Airline Sector’s Wings

Teenage Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg is sailing to the UN Climate summit… and has garnered support from others, bringing light to the environmental damage from the airline industry. Flight shaming just might become a thing. I had a friend give up airline travel, and it impacted his life… I always thought, okay, one person, it’s not going to have an impact. But if enough people reduce their airline travel, it could. However, cruise lines are even worse. What we need are better alternatives.

[2] A Framework for Impact-Minded Businesses

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted in 2015 by the United Nations member states are a call to action – a visual framework to make it easier to incorporate plans for sustainability. It’s an easy way for people to identify issues they want to tackle and give them some direction on getting there.

[3] Building a Company to Save Lives

Four Hollywood actors had a big idea: Launch a snack bar and use the sales to help feed malnourished kids around the world. They called it This Bar Saves Lives. They’re passionate about the idea, but it’s not all great health bars selling like hotcakes and saving the world in strides – they’ve bumped up against the barrier most social enterprises face… how do you build a sustainable and profitable business that can grow while doing good? It’s not as easy at it sounds… but they’ve rebranded to This Saves Lives, and have been exploring new categories. To date have sent 11 million packets of life­saving food to children in need — enough to help save more than 70,000 lives.

[4] Using social media to tackle extremism

It’s documented how ISIS has been using social media as a recruitment tool… and with the targeting of Cambridge Analytica, and the rise of social media abuses to sway political opinion to far-right agendas, then there has to be a way to restore the balance.

So, Extremely Together and Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) released a toolkit, to challenged extremists at their own game, by harnessing our peers’ drive to answer extremism with tolerance and optimism.

[5] Getting Funds Youth Sports

Youth sports constantly struggle with fundraising to fund their programs… so FilpGive came up with a solution… why not provide people with the opportunity to buy what they’re already buying, with an inbuilt system.

Kroger does something similar – you can sign up and they’ll donate a percentage of your grocery towards a cause you believe in. If you don’t register, then they choose for you. It’s a cool way of directing funds to projects you care about.

[6] Gastronomy with a conscience

Just because I’m hungry and haven’t eaten in a while… here are some small bites making an impact… each small step makes a difference. Here are 5 restaurants doing something to improve their environmental impact, while continuing to provide delicious meals.

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