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[1] Columbus Soup

Columbus Soup is an awesome live crowdfunding event. It started as a few friends getting together for soup, and pitching some money into a pot, and voting for a local cause for the pot to go to. Over the years, it’s turned into a quarterly event where hundreds of people come and share soup, and vote on their favorite project with their spoon.

On August 11, their Fall soup is on, and the theme is social entrepreneurship! We’re presenting Wild Tiger Tees – and our friends at Spice Up are pitching their inaugural dinner. It’s an event not to miss, and it’s a fun time, so come check it out!

[2] The Angles Watching Over Us

Shelly Batra founded the NGO, Operation ASHA – and people wondered why she was throwing away a good income, while others accused of her wanting to make easy money. But as Shelly points out, “When you are a social entrepreneur, life is all about extremes.”

As social entrepreneurship becomes more common, I see an underlying assumption that somehow this makes business easier, or somehow it’s an easier form of entrepreneurship. Hey, starting something is hard work. Period. Being a social enterprise is rewarding because you’ve got a cause you believe in, and that energy can keep you going… but your mission makes running your business harder. I mean, think about it – if serving a social need was an easy boost to business, EVERYONE would be doing it. It usually makes business more complicated, and I think Shelly Batra captures that sentiment well.

[3] Celebrating 15 Years of ECDI

“As ECDI has grown, we’ve never lost sight of what and who we are fighting for—economic opportunity for everyone: low-income people, women, people of color, immigrants, everyone,” said Inna Kinney, ECDI Founder & CEO.

ECDI, the local economic & community development institute services Columbus low-income populations, entrepreneurs, and budding food concepts. They run the food fort, a shared kitchen that people can work from. They provide loans to local businesses at a reduced rate. And they do a lot of education in the community to help everyone be more successful.

So, congrats on 15 years of doing great work for our community!

[4] How to Avoid Compassion Exhaustion

Are you a change-maker? Do you ever wonder if you’re actually making a difference? Or if you’re the only one that cares? Here’s a little reminder to take care of yourself… Reach out for support. Release and let go. Give people more credit. Take care of yourself. The world needs you!

[5] Female Changemakers: Creating Social Change with Tech

Celebrating female role models will help support new generations of female change-makers. My favorite quote – “$12 trillion could be added to global GDP by 2025 by advancing women’s equality.”

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  1. During this pandemic situation lot of businessmen were devastated economically and mentally. But after reading your article I have seen that ECD has extended their helping hand so far they could and provided loans to them at less interest so that they could cope with this situation. That’s was amazing!


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