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[1] Spice Up

This year, at Give Back Hack, I joined a project called Spice Up – their mission to share culture over dinner, hosting dinner events that are for a small group (space is limited to 30), where the chef prepares and shares stories from his or her culture. The idea is to bridge the gap in our communities, especially with immigrant populations to overcome. Their inaugural event is August 17th, and promises to have great food and some fun!

[2] Big Issue founder launches a magazine to tackle illiteracy

A new social enterprise his hitting the stands… John Bird, who founded the Big Issue 30 years ago make an impact in homelessness, is starting a new magazine that aims to do for illiteracy what his first publication did for homelessness. Something which engages readers with stories, from new authors, all while connecting with people through events and bookshops and libraries to make reading fun and open up new possibilities.

[3] Asia’s Startup Explosion

Startups in Southeast Asia are starting to attract a lot of talent. Just 4-5 years ago, they were still very isolated and even confused about how to leverage platforms, such as Facebook to grow their business. But now, that’s changed – people are connecting and collaborating more than ever before, and it seems everyone wants to go and work in a startup. It’s a very dynamic scene which is fueling innovation.

[4] Aunt Flow

Claire Coder was in college when she pitched the idea for Aunt Flow at a hack-a-thon: a model for companies and other organizations to provide tampons, and for each one she sells, she provides them to those who can’t afford them. It’s a buy-one-give-one social enterprise that’s making an impact with feminine products, and Claire is dynamic and on fire, with what’s she’s doing. I know about her through Give Back Hack and SEA Change, and I met her briefly this evening… and her enthusiasm shines through.

[5] Bringing Tech Careers to Low-Income Students

Jessica Santana, CEO of New York on Tech, is bringing technology careers to low-income students. They have an immersive after school program for juniors and seniors that provides weekly computer science classes in local companies — giving a unique chance for mentorship and insight from companies. They’re given relevant skills, and a chance to develop human connections with future employers.

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