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Social Good Blueprint | It’s Getting Warmer

Are you depressed reading news about climate change and the ineptitude of government to do anything about it? Here is some refreshment with people taking other approaches to save our planet from doom.

[1] Climate change, meet B-Corps

Environmental impact is intertwined with achieving B-Corp status – so you know B-Corp companies run sustainable processes that take the earth into account.

At B-Labs, the organization behind the B-Corp status, they continue to develop sustainable development goals (SDGs) that are measurable. Because if you can’t measure it than you can’t manage it. Sometimes, you need to treat it like a business to find the right approach, and Coen Gilbert has a great insight into how to do this.

[2] Shrink your carbon footprint without smaller shoes

I have an acquaintance who gave up flying because he realized the negative the impact of air travel. He actually decided he could go without flights. I doubt he’s had an impact on the flight schedules, because the travel industry grew by 8% in 2018. Fortunately, there are other ways of flying, reusable bags, reducing electricity, souvenirs not made from animals… that you can turn to in order to reduce your impact.

[3] Bringing down the solar roof

A new SolarApp program tackles one of the biggest issues for installers – streamlining the permitting costs that bog down the process and add unnecessary costs and frustration. As these costs begin to drop further, it makes it a much sunnier proposition for businesses – it sends a message of sustainability, reduces electricity costs and looks cool on the roof. So, save money and use the sun for something other than a hot day.

[4] Mind-blowing reforestation

So, mass-scale reforestation has ‘mind-blowing potential’ to combat climate change. Basically, if we focused on reforestation, and maxed out the potential areas (0.9 million hectares, which is about the size of Puerto Rico), then we could solve 2/3 of the worlds carbon emissions. Makes me think I could plant a few trees in my back yard, and while I’m not sure that’s what they’re talking about, they have some nice maps to check out.

[5] Legacy Companies want in

Big companies are catching on that people want more than to make them rich. We want companies which are looking out for the world, not driving it towards death and doom. So, they’re doing what they know how to do… acquire stuff.

This always makes me a bit skeptical… will they destroy or enhance the impact? Triple Pundit has examples of how to do this right. Danone bought Happy Family Organics… and so far it’s been mutually beneficial. It’s allowed Happy Family Organics to become the largest B-Corp in the world and increase their impact. Their ethos has inspired Danone to pledge for all product packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.

[6] Junk Meaning

A great little piece from Conscious Company asking Does Our Economy Run On Junk Meaning? I love the example of Apple, and whether their treatment of overworking employees, or cleverly dodging taxes really matches their values. And even the flashy little product updates add little overall purpose or meaning to the experience.

Basically, the answer is yes. Our fulfillment is more likely to come from developing a deeper sense of self, emotionally fulfilling relationships, and transformative personal growth… not from purchasing more stuff. (Surprise?)

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