Tackling Human Trafficking with Freedom a la Cart & Paula Haines

February 5, 2018 | | 1 Comment

Freedom a la Cart & Paula Haines
Freedom a la Cart & Paula Haines
Freedom a la Cart & Paula Haines

Human trafficking is a complicated social issue — it’s difficult to speak about, which makes it harder to raise awareness, but it’s even more challenging for one to survive and get back on their feet.  Freedom a la Cart is a social enterprise here in Columbus, which provides a working environment that helps victims of human trafficking develop the skills they need to succeed.

How did they start?

Freedom a la Cart started actually as DOMA International back in 2009 as a supportive arm to the CATCH Court program.

CATCH Court is a specialty docket in Franklin County that gives survivors of human trafficking a second chance, treating them as victims instead of criminals. It’s a two-year probationary program where they receive recovery assistance for addiction, trauma counseling and lots of support. Every two weeks, they come to court, and after two years of this intensive program they graduate and have their record expunged.

But after going out in the world, they were being turned down for jobs, and still recovering from addiction, so DOMA International bought a food cart off of eBay, started making great sandwiches, and giving these ladies a chance to work at festivals. (Which is the fun fact why Freedom a la Cart has no e.)

It grew from there into a catering business (because you can’t survive as a food cart business through a Columbus winter), and have since opened a cafe in the north branch of the Columbus Public Library.  (They are currently developing plans to open a full cafe in the city!)

How does this drive their mission?

As with any business, quality is key. But they learned that in order to utilize their ladies effectively, they had to develop a menu both that tasted great, and one that they could master. They also had to develop a support system and community that could create the right environment.

What really struck me is that Freedom a la Cart is not about training women to work in the food industry – it’s about helping them developing skills so that they have a pathway to freedom:

“No person should be bought or sold for sex. Not here in Central Ohio. Not anywhere.

At Freedom a la Cart, we bring hope to survivors of human trafficking so they can build a new life of freedom and self-sufficiency. We believe that giving a woman practical job skills and developing a strong work ethic is vital for creating a pathway to freedom. So, we’ve created a safe place for restoration where survivors can heal, learn and grow as they prepare for sustainable employment within our community” — Mission of Freedom a la Cart

Freedom a la Cart

What is Eat-Up Columbus?

Their annual Eat-Up Columbus event is just around the corner on February 10th. They bring together award-winning chefs to prepare an extravagant five-course meal, the funds of which go to support the social impact of their organization. Their menu is stellar, so check it out!

Want to find out more?

Freedom a la Cart
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1 thought on “Tackling Human Trafficking with Freedom a la Cart & Paula Haines”

  1. My name is Gay and I have been a mentor for Freedom a la cart for 6 years. You cannot believe the courage and resiliency that victims of human trafficking possess. They never cease to amaze me at what they have been through. They have been tortured, raped, beaten and brain washed by some of the most evil people in the world.
    I never thought I could be a mentor but I think it has truly helped women grow and be ready to heal and face the world.. We have so many wonderful mentors and we are giving group. I am the lunch coordinator on Thursdays at CATCH Court and once in a while we have nobody to bring lunch. All I have to do is make a few calls and it is taken care of. I have never had a mentor tell me no when I needed something.
    When I first began mentoring many of the women would not look me in the face but now they do They trust us even if they are new. I guess the word gets around that we are ok!
    I am so blessed to have found my life purpose. and I cannot wait to do more to make victims lives better.


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