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November 7, 2017 | | 0 Comments

For episode 19, we spoke with Ione Butler of Uplifting Content, and like the name, uplifting content is all about creating uplifting content… because the world needs more of it. (Personally, I couldn’t agree more. The toxic political elections in 2016 were one of the reasons this podcast came into being.)

Ione Butler is a superstar in the space of connecting people with inspiring stories and she has a unique authenticity in the way she connects with people.  She moved from the UK to L.A. to further her acting career, and one day found herself frustrated that she couldn’t find anything inspiring on TV — as she reflected on the industry she was working in, she had to ask, “what’s the point of telling people what’s awful without telling them what they can do about it?” And so she set out to build a hub of inspiration and a platform centered around being of service and doing things for other people, raising attention for causes in the community and providing a space for others to share their own uplifting content.

What’s the point of telling people what’s awful without telling them what they can do about it?

Ione is the first guest on People Helping People who I hadn’t spoken with prior to our podcast, and I really didn’t expect to be diving into depression and these masks that we wear to the outside world.  But being able to talk about our hardships and difficulties is important, just as is talking about how we overcome our adversities.  Ione pointed out that the key is to develop awareness of what is going on so that we can accept it and feel it fully. When we resist feeling what we’re feeling, it just gets bottled up.

I meditate daily for an hour with the same premise of observing my sensations without reacting, so that I can do just that — and yet it is really hard. Especially when we pack our lives with stuff, or something happens, or not enough happens. Suffering is a complex phenomenon that is fairly universal, and it only is compounded when we only see the bright side that our peers project, and the doomsday armageddon on tv.

This strikes me as noteworthy – these masks we wear that hide the authentic-who-we-are-behind-the-scene prevents us from expressing our experience… which is often what is needed to work through whatever is blocking us. It holds us back from reaching out for help. But it also makes it hard for others to do the same without an example to follow.

Ione and her co-host Adam Roa held their first summit over the summer, where they brought in top speakers, writers, coaches and speakers to explore what keeps you uplifted. Seriously cool line up and worth checking out… their interviews included:

A couple of Ione’s key takeaways from the summit: you feel better when you’re authentic, remember to spend time in nature (with your devices left behind), and you can learn to reframe things when you’re in a sucky situation just by tacking “… and I love it!” at the end of your gripe.  

Ione also gave me an inspirational push to podcast live with zoom… so look for that in the new year!  Enjoy the podcast!

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