Graphic Design for Entrepreneurs with Rose Buoni

June 5, 2017 | Adam Morris | | 29:56 | 0 Comments

Entrepreneurs often don’t understand the value of graphic design. People like me don’t understand the world of freelancing. So when I met Rose, who is building a freelancing graphic design career in her spare time and mostly working with entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists, I figured there was an interesting conversation to be had.

Rose works as a graphic designer in her spare time, a nice complement to her career in marketing. It is an interesting story of how she found her first few clients to actually turn her passion into a side-business.

She also filled me in on what you need to know when you’re starting a venture and developing your branding: entrepreneurs are often strapped of cash and inexperienced with branding — often thinking they just need a logo, when really a cohesive design goes much deeper.

So, enjoy going deeper into episode 5 of the people helping people podcast, exploring graphic design for entrepreneurs.  You can find out more about Rose Buoni on her website

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