Black Lives Matter

I’ve tried writing this a few times, only to realize that race is difficult to write about because of my own limitations in understanding what others experience.  Racial inequality affects so many of the social

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Funding Your Social Enterprise

Funding a social enterprise varies from traditional entrepreneurship funding.   There are many models for traditional funding, all of which depend on your goals and what you’re trying to achieve. In traditional entrepreneurship, there are two

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Turning Vision into Reality

Most companies struggle to find a vision that fits their business. Social enterprises often face a flipped version of the same challenge – they need a business model which fits their vision. In this article, I outline some practical steps you can take to get yourself on track to running a successful business that will put flesh on your vision for making an impact in the world.

Social Good Blueprint | Hacking Change

[1] Hacking GiveBackHack I was invited on a planning weekend for GiveBackHack, and was blown away. Here is an organization, dedicated to helping you apply the latest technology practices to launch social enterprises, incorporating elements

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Four Models of Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship is not well defined. It is not a certification, like the B-Corp status. Anybody can call themselves a social enterprise. You can be non-profit, for-profit, or a for-profit whose profits go into a

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Social Good Blueprint | Good Eats

[1] Spice It Up This week on People Helping People, Tonya Vora shared her story of building Spice Up, an event sharing stories over diversity & highlighting cultures of chefs that have been impacted by

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